Origami 3-Shelf Collapsible Rack, 2-Pack

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Origami Collapsible Storage Shelves
Price: $69.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, Dec 20 to Monday, Dec 23) + transit
Condition: New


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This may be the best purchase I have made from woot. Sturdy, easy to set up, and there’s two of them. I wish I bought these before trying to use the crappy ones from Walmart.

Some additional info can be found on the product page


I bit… These look really intriguing!

Is the 35.4" height with or without wheels?

I can’t find much about the R36-01 anywhere, so I assume Origami actually sells these packaged two to a box rather than it being that w00t orders include of two each of the R3-01 or whatever else an R36-01 could be.

If that is the case, the an amazon search for R3-01 will bring up both the model with wheels as being “38.2"H x 28.75"W x 13.3"D overall” and the model without being “28 3/4 x 13 1/3 x 35 2/5”.

There is one commenter on the model with wheels that confuses things a little, but I think its safe the say 35.4" is the height on these WITHOUT wheel given those comparisons.

Forgot to add what I was originally going to post. I bought some of the R5 and R4s (5 shelves and 4 shelves respectively) while looking for some light-medium load shelves to put in a lofted space and organize my old room while proudly moving back in with my parents for the next 10 months. They were on sale for a little less than some Whitmor shelves (A million company’s make the shelves I’m describing here, 4 poles, 3-5 shelves, and 2 tapered plastic black pieces you snap around each pole at whatever height you want them shelf to sit before dropping it down onto them.

The Origami’s were not anything close to what I expected especially not at their price, which unfortunately was back up by the time I went to order more but I stil icked up a few more R4s. The quality on these is incredible, MUCH better than the more expensive shelves I purchased, they’re my only shelves that actually LOOK good (not an issue in most places but they look so good, I’m buying these R3s for my bedroom), and 20 second setup is absolutely NOT an exaggeration.

Definitely the most practical thing I’ll have purchased off w00t! One of the only I was actually considering buying anyway and got lucky enough to catch on here! Thanks!

These things are great in the shop. Sturdy, roll round easily. I bought a pack of twin a previous Woot sale and will get another one today.

In for 1 for the garage.

Soooo tempting to pick up 2 packs, can only afford 1 right now though.

EDIT: Aww hell with it, I get paid tomorrow anyway. XD In for 2.

Bought this last time and it came all rusted on the inside with rust dust on the outside. box and contents completely dry so must have happened at the manufacturer.

I bought these on one of the prior WOOT deals. I agree that the quality is surprising. Simple to put together. I really like that everything locks down, so once its assembled it is solid.
I wish these were the same depth as the 4 shelf version, that is my only “complaint”.

I’m sorry about that! It looks like these come with a year warranty with Mac at home, were you able to contact them for a replacement?

Can you stack these?

Much cheaper at Fleet Farm

I just checked out the Fleet Farm site and the shelf they are selling is not the same. It does not have the wheels. Other than that though, it’s pretty darn close and it’s on sale for $14.95.


You are right! Sold by individual units there it appears. I added 4 to the cart and they add a huge surcharge if over a certain weight making the shipping charge over $50. When I added 2 to the cart though shipping was only $7.95 making the order for 2 with shipping only $37.85. Thanks!

I did the same thing, just an order for 2, $7.95 shipping and same total as you mentioned. I assume Fleet ones fold up too. Got me thinkin’ there for a moment. I’m not too concerned about the wheels one way or the other. Can always use more shelves in the basement for my CR*P. Not very Holiday like of me I know. Never heard of Fleet Farm however. Hope they’re OK.


Yes that is weird! It looks like exactly the same product for less than half the price?
WOOT peeps - is there a difference??

The shelves at Fleet Farm are w/o wheels. If you add the cost of the wheels (about $20 for a set} the cost is about the same.

Wasn’t going to use the wheels anyway cuz only holds the maximum weight without the wheels whereas the specs show it supports much less weight with the wheels.