Origami 4-Shelf Steel Collapsible Wheeled Rack, Large

**Item: **Origami 4-Shelf Steel Collapsible Wheeled Rack, Large
Price: $79.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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I know of a little bitter woman who this would be perfect for.

I actually have a rack that is very very similar to this and I can’t tell you how convenient those wheels are. Oh my, Garage storage is so much better on wheels!

Perfect reviews over at homedepot.com


Some additional info can be found over at the product page

I have 4 of these! I also have the smaller one. I love them! When I got them, I paid $99.00 each. They are well made. Very sturdy and the wheels are great too!

I was looking into purchasing more of these at the 99.00 rate. For 79.00 it is a real deal! ESPECIALLY with just the $5.00 shipping! These babies are HEAVY!

I have the smaller 3 shelf version of these from woot. I cannot recommend them enough. After having to return a more expensive unit to Walmart for being too flimsy, I was surprised at just how sturdy this thing was. It was also the easiest thing I have ever put together.

Costco has these on sale for $75.99 - likely not as easy to assemble, but they hold more and are larger: Alera Wire Shelving 4 Shelves 48" x 18" x 72" Black Anthracite

BTW, Amazon has these " Alera Wire Shelving 4 Shelves 48" x 18" x 72" Black Anthracite" for the same price…

These are collapsible, which may matter to some people for storage if they don’t need the shelves ALL the time, or want the option to store/move them easier.

Oh, how I wish I had the funds to buy 3, I have one of these and they are perfect for the garage. Easy to move and store heavy things. The best part is no assembly!

I’m in for 3. I’ve been looking for some shelving for my canning projects. This will give me room to store my canners, jars, and canned goods all together. And I can wheel them around when its time to rotate stock!

remember folks… that unlike the shelves you assemble… this pre-assembled stuff won’t let you change the height nor number of shelves…

In my eyes, a shelf is useless for space conservation if half of the height of the shelf is just taking up air when the objects on it are half as high as the shelf space… and it’s even more useless if the stuff I want to put on it won’t fit for height…

…listen to your inner analyst… (or the one leaving this message on woot)

For those of you who have said you have these, I have two questions.

  1. How hard are they to assemble? Do I need more than a screw driver?

  2. How far off the ground are the middle two shelves?

I need extra storage in my new apartment. My kitchen is tiny, and I need something to put my microwave on that can also act as storage space.

This video we made may help answer a couple of your questions:

The one we test drove had these specs though:
Open Dimensions: 28.75" L x 13.3" D x 35.4" H
Folded Dimensions: 3.4" L x 13.3" D x 35.4" H
Shelf Dimensions: 28.75" x 10.5"

Today’s is:
Open Size: 35.8" x 20.9" x 63"
Folded Size: 63" x 20.9" x 3.75"
Shelf Size: 35.8" x 18"
Weight: 41 pounds

I don’t have the large one but just ordered one. I do have four of the small ones and they are amazing!

You don’t need any tools to assemble. If you want to put the wheels on they give you the tool for that… It really is crazy easy to assemble.

btw, the wheels are excellent on all the surfaces I have in my home. I go from hard wood floor to carpet with ease.