Origami 4-Tier Shelve with Cover

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[MOD EDIT] Slightly different model.

We own three of these carts courtesy of Woot. They are as good a cart as you will find anywhere. The folding option is a definite plus if that’s a feature you need. The fact this sale includes the cover is a plus. We had to buy ours separately.

Note that these are a less robust model than the R5-01 that is more common. The R1402 has a 175 lb per shelf weight limit while the R5-01 model is 250 lbs per shelf.

The mothership has the R5-01W (with wheels but no cover) for $85 but R5-01 without wheels or cover for $97, go figure.

wheels are essential for these folding shelves… it’s all about portability. show me one with wheels and i show you one that in is my shopping cart

Oh, a shelve! Can I assemble it myselve?