ORIGAMI 4-Tier Storage Shelves 2-Pack

ORIGAMI 4-Tier Storage Shelves 2-Pack

… I’ve been looking for one of this shelf. :disappointed:

(I have no room for two; I can only fit one)

Find someone else that wants one?
Sell the other?
Store it until you need it.

I just bought this w pk last go. Also w others from open box. These are marvelous and as easy smeezy 2 stand up as they say.

They have smaller versions n 2 diff sizes where u can buy just 1. I just bought the white bookshelf.

I’m in a new apartment with a really small storage room. I’m limited by space: 42" W. It’s hard to find shelves that fit well within that.

At that point, might as well just buy one on the mother ship. Same costs, essentially, probably even cheaper, as I’ll probably only get maybe 1/2 of 1/2 the price on a resale.

Wow- over priced!!
In 2013, 2016 & 2019_ i got the 3 shelf size for $40 at Amazon. & only paid $65 for the largest folding shelf with wheels.
_ search folding shelves at Amazon- other brands available 4 less than these.