Origami Carts 'N Shelves

I have one of the folding carts. Be aware, other reviews on this tell of problems w/ the chopping block surface arriving cracked or cracking later. I can personally attest to this, as mine arrived w/ a small crack which has grown to a huge crack in 6 months. I should have sanded the surface down & treated it w/ mineral oil to (hopefully) keep it from splitting, but alas I did not. It will eventually split in half. Otherwise, I like it.


Origami 6-tier shelves were listed as $29.99, free shipping at the HSN link, and tons of 1-star reviews citing stability and quality.

They don’t have them this sale, but the metal folding shelves 2-pack from previous woots have served me really well.


I bought the origami Kitchen cart a year ago, the top cracked in half due to expansion and contraction. Being in my kitchen in the hot and cold and moist and dry cracked the 3/16 in laminate top.

What is the deal with these shelves. The Woot price is still $80. I see this on discount all the time, here, OS.com and even those stupid shop at home shows.

I get it that they fold up quickly but is that worth the extra cash for these. I can buy a standard, 5 shelf, wire rack on the main site (Amz) for $60 and with prime have it here in two days.

Is $20 worth it to “fold” my shelf? How often do you guys put your shelves away. I honestly can not remember doing so. And if I did, I can still break down a wire rack shelf pretty easily. And lets not forget all the add-ons for wire racks. How is this company still in business, at least at that price point?

I just got the tall shelves. I’m either going to have to take a week off from work or hire a mechanical engineer to put them together. Horrid.