Origami Collapsible Storage Racks 2-Pack

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Origami Collapsible Storage Racks 2-Pack
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title says with wheels, specs says does not come with wheels. Which is it?

Specs also do not include total height with casters…just fyi.

Title says “with Wheels,” features say “Does not come with wheels,” In the Box Specs don’t show wheels … Yeah, I’m confused, too!

Hey y’all, this is from the vendor - this does not come with wheels, but it has holes at the bottom to accept caster wheels.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

These say they work with the R5. I am ordering a set to test them out:

Origami Part-Rack-HWheel Heavy-Duty Wheels for Origami Shelves, 3-Inch, Set of 4, Black


Does anyone know what the load bearing weight happens to be for these?


(PS, Woot, BRAVO on this post!! Standing ovation)

Weight Capacity Per Unit, Without Casters: 1,000 lbs. total (250 lbs. per shelf)

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“175 pounds per shelf on level surface”

“Comparable to the Origami R5, but handles 175lbs per shelf instead of 250lbs”

These are NOT Origami Shelves. They are “Pop-It” brand and a LOT lighter weight. The wheels mentioned in the comments from Amazon do NOT fit these puny shelves. False Advertising! DO NOT BUY!!!

Hi there. Pop-It is made by Origami. The specs are correct.

I’m sorry your unhappy. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

The wheels linked above (by me) definitely do NOT work. They are WAY too big. Either these shelves aren’t comparable to the R5, or those wheels don’t work with the R5. Still working on where the disconnect is…

These are NOT comparable to the R5. I think you need to stop saying that. These are a completely different shelf with a completely different build. They have similar overall dimensions, but almost all of the internal dimensions seem to be different. Lighter, smaller. They seem like a good shelf, but saying they are comparable to the R5 except for capacity is disingenuous. They are a lot different.

These also are not the 1407W, they are 1407 (no W). This auction was a mess.

jupitercow: I’m sorry your unhappy with the order. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for some options to make it better.

If anyone is looking for wheels, they are currently being sold at QVC.

THIS is the only place I have found wheels that work. I contacted Origami support to find those. They are a non-standard size and I didn’t find anything at hardware stores or Amazon. I am not super confident these shelves will do great on casters, but I ordered a set to try it out. They are around $15, which isn’t bad at all.