Origami Large Storage Racks

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Origami Large Storage Racks
Price: $138.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Jan 27 to Wednesday, Jan 28) + transit
Condition: New


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Time to check out an extremely similar model and learn all about Origami Rack

Once again Woot! delivers!! Been looking for a storage rack of this size on casters for several months now…patience was rewarded!

The Red one is $195 on Prime and the black is $265 with free shipping on the Woot! Daddy. This is a good deal!!

And hey…over 100 Woot!s and this is my first time being the First Sucker! Such pride…

I purchased this storage rack last time it was listed on Woot (November). It is awesome!

I store all our camping gear and heavy dutch ovens on the rack. Every time we go camping, I just roll the rack out to the truck. (I did purchase the heavy duty wheels via Amazon.)

This rack is heavy duty with deep shelves. It has been worth every penny.

I have the medium and small Origami shelves and LOVE them!! Now I’m trying to figure out where I’d put the large rack, because I want one!

These seem like nice shelves, but other than the folding capability (not sure I really need that), how do these compare with standard “Metro” shelving (the kind with 4 tubes and shelves that slip onto little plastic sleeves that serve as ledges)?

I imagine if one just needs shelving then some plastic composite molded shelving would be cheaper, right? The extra bucks here goes toward mobility and folding away when not in use?

I am ordering 2 more of these and already have 6 or 7. These are so sturdy, easy to move, and convenient. I had some of the shelves you are describing and they broke. I have absolutely no fear of the Oragami shelves breaking, even when I’ve put boxes of books on them (exceeding the weight limit – the wheels don’t work, but the shelves haven’t bent).

Are the shelves adjustable or fixed and how much is pre-assembled?

For mine, I only had to put the casters on. Other than that it just opens right up - it is really cool. I think they should put the casters on before shipping, because having to put them on takes some of the ‘awesome’ factor out of how easy they go up right out of the box. From folded, you can have it up in 10 seconds.

Can the shelves be adjusted at different heights or are they fixed?

From the Features Description:
…It can be modified into 4, 5, 6, or 7 tier shelf

So either you can change the shelf height or you’re able to remove shelves at the fixed points.

Do the extra shelves come with the product? to make a 7 tier ? or do you have to order them separately?

It was explained to me this way:

It’s the latter, and the actual shelf count needs clarification. I will put down what I believe to be true, but a staffer or product rep will need to confirm.

Both the Black and Red models have 4 fixed shelves. The Red model has three additional fixed points, while the Black model has two. This means that the Red model can have a maximum of 7 shelves while the Black is limited to a maximum of 6, because it is missing the lowest additional fixed support members present in the Red model.

The number of shelves included should also be clarified, as it has not been specifically stated whether the Red comes with 3 and the Black comes with 2 additional shelves, or whether they both come with 2 and the 7th shelf for the Red model must be purchased separately.

I’d like to know this, too. I bought one under the assumption that it comes with the extra shelves. If it doesn’t, there’s a good likelihood that I will cancel my order.

Both are the same, both start off with the three shelves built in (and top shelf) and come with the three optional shelves for the option of 4-5-6 or 7 shelves.

Home depot has a very similar version with only 4 shelves for $110 free shipping. 5 stars.

So much knowledge in the Woot Community! What the product description lacks, Wooter comments more than makes up for. Yay, Wooters.

Are you sure ADQ? The picture doesn’t show a support on the black shelving unit for the lowest optional shelf seen on the red shelving unit.

BTW, I ordered the black one so I will find out soon enough but I can’t contain my curiosity. :slight_smile: