Origami Lesson

Origami gone wild!

Only quitters will buy this shirt.

There’s nothing more zen than that moment in which you are the one smashing your hard work into nothing (for a change).

Finally. I’ve been waiting for a shirt that properly illustrates the full extent of my ability with origami.

I can make a better brain than that…

I always made my dad fold my paper planes for me, because mine always ended up like this.

Diagram tees bother me a bit… it usually involves people staring too much at me to figure out the simple joke.

It’s interesting how many shapes you can make with four 90 degree rotations…

Whenever I try to make one of these, I end up with “Tumbleweed.”

I think the proper way to fold a Boulder requires far more mountain folds.

THAT’S how you make the cabbage origami! I’ve been trying to figure it out for ages!

in honor of st. patrick’s day, I am cultivating a whole windowsill full of radish plants. I just hope the squirrel’s don’t want to have children. love them well

Finally, origami that I can understand.

I can’t count to five apparently.

I read this shirt from right to left three times, until it finally occurred to me how awesome the shirt is.

what do you know, ive been doin origami all these years without knowing.

It’s my 10th grade demonstration speech when I tried to learn origami on the bus ride to school…

Yes, the abstract sculpture is beautiful, but can it flap its wings like a paper swan? Unfortunately, no.

Sorry if I just burst your bubble.

speaking of origami- did you know paper regardless of size and thickness- can’t be folded in 1/2 more than seven times?

The line between origami and trash is a very thin one.