Origami Set of 2 Pop-It 4-Tier Shelves

I can’t tell you how much I love these shelves…one in the toy room for the grandchildren; one in my closet between the built-ins for my shoe boxes…two in the furnace room and I’m getting more…one short one in the laundry room for dog food and treats…and a couple in the garage. Indeed, they do set up very quickly (but not EXACTLY in seconds if you count getting the box open and removing the styrofoam and clipping the ties) lol PS Woot staff…shouldn’t I be getting a quantity discount?

What are the shelf dimensions?

Totally agree! I bought a bunch of these on a previous Woot and they rock! Very solid, can hold most any household stuff you’d wanna store on them. Pretty easy to put together but agreed, not seconds exactly. I’d buy more but have enough that I don’t have anymore space haha. Buy with confidence Wooters! Wooooo!

how’s the packaging for this product? The mothership sent an origami product in original packaging which had no padding and the metal was bent on a shelf.

blah. ordered anyway. woot has been good so far.

Why is the 4-Tier shelves so expensive? A simple search on google, you can find the same shelf for $104 at container store, $115 at homedepot, and $120 on amazon… is this seriously a deal?

Looks like everyone else is selling 1 for $120ish. Woot is selling 2 for just a little more.

Woot is not doing it’s job! Without dimensions this is a useless offer!!!

Here’s a guess: the dimensions width and length are the approximate dimensions of the shelves.

re: dimensions

The “open” measurements under FEATURES pretty well describes it as the shelves run to the ends/sides of the support columns.

Dimension info:

Holds 300 lbs (75lbs per shelf) with wheels and 600 lbs (150 lbs per shelf) without wheels
No tools required to set up
Open dimensions: 36.02” x 20.87” x 59.45”
Folded dimensions: 7.48” x 20.87” x 59.45”
Space between shelves: 18"
Weight: 56.32 lbs

Oh, and putting on the terrific sturdy wheels takes time! I have these in many sizes and colors–those that are offered! Love them, too!

Because…with this great deal the guyer is getting TWO sets of shelves not one.