Origami Steel Collapsible Wheeled Racks - Your Choice

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Origami Steel Collapsible Wheeled Racks - Your Choice
Price: $69.99 - 79.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, May 08 to Friday, May 09) + transit
Condition: New


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Time to check out the product page for the R5-01W and R4-01W

I’ve got a smaller version of an Origami Collapsible Steel rack and it.is.awesome. Seriously. It sets up in a flash, is sturdy sturdy sturdy, and makes my garage more organized. Highly recommended!

I bought two 2-packs of the small Origami shelves when they were offered a month and a half or so ago. I’ve been incredibly pleased with them.

Three of them set up perfectly. one of them…well, there was a problem with it. When I opened it I noticed the Origami logo was skewed. It seems the unit had gotten warped slightly in manufacturing, and the top shelf was tilted very slightly (it was 5/8" at one end and 3/8" at the other, which caused some problems through the shelf; one latch was hard to catch, and another required putting a fair bit of weight on the top shelf to catch it.

I did not discover this until 6 weeks after the items had been shipped from Woot!.

The reason I’m posting this is not as a ‘oh god don’t buy this’, but instead…I contacted them that night, and they were on it. It was a tiny issue, and they moved to correct it immediately. I sent them email with a photo of the issue at 2 in the morning, and when I woke at 9, there was a note in my email asking for my address so they could replace it, and asking me not to return the unit, but to donate the rack if it was usable by someone else (I happen to need the folding ability).

The units are incredibly good, but their customer service was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

UGH!! I just paid off my credit cards, Woot! And now you have to go and have these Origami shelves for sale again? I can’t pass it up. Seems I work just to pay for my Woot purchases! My goal is to have my entire garage outlined in these awesome shelves… 3 down, about 5 more to go.

I understand the value of a good shelving unit. But for those who already own one, how often do you use the collapsing feature? For me this feature seems tenuous and maybe even a fault. Does the collapsing diminish the stability at all?

Nope! These things are as sturdy as can be and quality made. I really don’t use the collapsing feature, but it does fold-up in a snap and the roll around wheels are handy too! I’ve got four of the smaller ones and use them around the house and in the garage.

Edit: If you look at the picture the smaller triangular and straight bars in the back of the shelves lock into place keeping them from being able to collapse on their own. The top shelf doesn’t fold and also locks into place.

The collapsible feature is not why I buy these. It’s the ease of setting up (no assembly) and the strength/durability of the shelves. The wheels are great, too! When I have to sweep/blow the garage floor out, I can easily move these.

I bought the 2-pack of small shelves about a year ago when they came out, and they have been the most wonderful shelves! I have a teeny tiny kitchen with almost no counter space, so I set up one set of shelves and use them as extra counter space when I’m cooking, then fold them up and put them away when I’m not cooking. It’s the perfect answer to the problem! Now I want a 2nd set, but not sure what I’ll do with them, but I’m sure that the reason will show up as soon as I have them at home!

I bought the small ones for using at craft fairs (I sell highly decorated cookies, which you can check out at http://www.pinterest.com/thespiansmc/cookie-cake-decorating/ if you’d like). I really needed the ease of set up of these shelves, since space is a premium and I need a fair bit of storage.

So as I mentioned, the folding ability was very important to me, because I need to fold things up and transport them in rental cars and vans.

In between, they get used as storage for the baking supplies. One of them has two kitchenaid artisan mixers on it. They each weigh 26lbs. There’s also about 40lbs of baking trays on the lower shelves. The shelf is rock solid. The wheels lock tightly, and show no sign of being overtaxed. The support on the lower shelf actually creates more support for the middle one, and these things are solid.

They are NOT lightweight things. Consider that it’s wire rack-style shelving, the bookcase itself weighs 24lbs. It’s a serious shelving unit, for serious people. Who, in at least my case, make cookies.

I have two large shelves I use for plants in my sunroom. When most of my plants go outside on the deck for the summer the ability to fold up the unit and tuck it away is incredible. I have potted plants on mine with the rollers and have had no problems with stability or strength. The rollers make it easy to move the entire unit outside for warm days or bring the plants in one cold nights. Beats the heck out of carrying plants in and out during the early spring and late fall.

Wondering if the shelf height on the med and large is enough to hold standard plastic storage bins…

Has anyone put one outside? If so, have you noticed any rust or structural weakening? I’m thinking of getting one to corral plants on my balcony, but after looking at the product website and at Amazon, I found little information on exterior applications.

I do use one outside, but went to Lowes and bought a can of spray on weather proofing clear coat and applied it first.

I finally decide to pull the trigger one the larges (wanted 4) and they are sold out. Guess my garage stays disorganized until next time around.

On the large model, the bottom two shelves have about 17.25" clearance and the third shelf has about 18.75" of clearance. I would think that is enough to fit any standard plastic bin but just check the dimensions on the bin first.

Same here. I had to wait until I got home to check measurements and by the time I measured, the large were sold out.

Don’t worry, they’ll be back again. This is the 3rd time I’ve seen them, and my 2nd purchase. I’m sure I’ll end up with more Origami shelves in the future.