Origami & UP2U Steel Frame Desk (Your Choice)

Origami & UP2U Steel Frame Desk (Your Choice)

Anyone have experience with the UP2U adjustable desk?

I know most of the time these sell out whenever they go on sale here

I own the up2u for the past 6 months, and it is very stable as long as there is a light weight ( limit is 30lb) on the table.
There is no much room for legs under the desk but i could get used to it

Wow! A desk made for impractically long monitors!

I picked up one last time, and I’ve been happy with it. It is easy to fold up and move around.
The wheels added a little too much height for what I needed, so I’m using it without them.

Buy one if you want two. I bought the bigger desk directly from Origami and it came beat up (but fixable) and they sent me another for free. The packaging is lacking, badly. The packages both came punctured, beat up, dirty, and HEAVY. At least the second one didn’t require a lot of bending to use.

Cautioning the general public! Hello general public.

I have the white one and love it. If you just have a laptop and maybe a desk light you still have some space for a cup and notepad. The shelf underneath is handy for stashing my extra post-it notes and a few supplies. I want to get a second one for more space to use. These are perfect if you do not work from home every day and just need something fairly portable and can be folded away if you do not have space. Much better than using my coffee or kitchen table as I can use it in my spare bedroom.

I have one, and it has been a life saver for my back. It comes already built. Set up took seconds. Love the shelf to keep things handy.