Original Golf Memory Swing

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Original Golf Memory Swing
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8/15/2014 - $129.99 (Woot Plus)

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Time to learn how it works

Can someone find at least 1 review on this?

The best part is that you don’t look the least bit ridiculous when using this.

I found this one.

Finding info on this thing is not all that easy. I wanted to do some price comparisons and I could only find this thing for sale at two places. Here on Woot and directly from the manufacturer. http://www.memoryswing.com/
And at the manufacturer, they have it priced at $245.00 and not the $249.99 listed as MSRP here on Woot. I could not even find one of these things on sister, Amazon. One would think if this thing really produced a better swing with so little effort and work you would find them on every golf gadget retailer on the web. However, if this thing really does work the Woot price is a huge savings over the only other price I could find on the web.

I really want to pull the trigger on this one, but I don’t know if I can bring myself to buy something that the manufacturer describes this way,

“Our device reprograms your muscles through the neurons in your subconscious.”

Really? The neurons in your subconscious. That has to be the most pseudoscience nonsense I have ever heard from a golf manufacturer.

Seems like it would be rather cumbersome to cart around from hole to hole on the golf course. And, I am afraid, setting it up 3-5 times per hold is just going to slow down my drinking.

I’m on the fence on this as well. I’m not a golf instructor or pro, but I believe that the fundamental idea of a flat swing plane is enforced by this device. I’m just not sure where I would use this. I’m not going to go making divots in my back yard, and I can’t see myself setting this up at the driving range. Seems like something that would just sit in my basement.

Well, muscle memory is a real thing. Doing the exact same thing the exact same way repeatedly will cause you to do these actions from your subconscious rather than the conscious. The thinking here is if you are doing it wrong then you will continue to do it wrong. So, if this thing really forces you to swing correctly each and every time you should develop that memory and it would do exactly what it claims. However, there are those ifs in all that. It sure would be nice if there were a few dozen reviews by owners that have actually used the thing.

With that in mind, if you do pull the trigger after using it why not be the first to review it on YouTube and let the world no if the darn thing really works :slight_smile:

Muscle memory is a misnomer since muscles don’t remember anything. Therefore, the term “muscle memory” is a bit misleading. Its your brain that remembers. So, all of those things that are ingrained so that you can do them again, after repetition, is due to your brain.

I fully understand the concept about subconscious ability to run with tasks without having to be fully consciously aware. It was like pulling away from the house this morning and not realized that I had closed the garage. Subconsciously I did it without thinking and had to turn around and check when my conscious mind didn’t remember doing it.

It was the whole talk of neurons and subconscious mixed together in a non-peer reviewed way that got me thinking they were saying things that sounded good but have no basis in actual science.

This is interesting. Will it teach me how to play? Hmmm.

I have to agree. May as well practice with a banana peel on your head, too.

I can see my golf teacher telling me now, “You’re not swinging the club like I taught you.”


I also wonder if the supports rip out of the ground if you don’t swing right. And it’s also a suspiciously remarkable sale price compared to retail.

This used to be a big item at Dick’s Sporting Goods, but the have closed their Golf Accessory sales items for the most part, and got rid of Golf salespersons. You probably know that Golf, since Tiger Wood’s meltdown, is in the tank saleswise. Last year more than one golf course per week closed.

It is due to your brain, however their are movements, nerve signals to the brain, that are called muschle memory, when the brain expects certain path signals during muscle movements. That is the reason that a person who is an amputee still has the “muscle” memory of the reaction of that limb, and that memory is now being used in labs to control mechanical limbs.

It sort of works like this: http://video.vulture.com/video/The-Office-Jims-Mint-Prank/

Because a golf cart is far more accurately identified as a beer truck…