Original Golf Memory Swing

Retraining the unconscious neurons in my brain, muscle memory, voodoo spells…whatever. One thing is certain; it can’t hurt MY ridiculous golf swing. So it will change it for the better, or it’ll do nothing at all. For $40 I’ll take that bet! God knows I’ve shelled out enough on gear, clinics and bad lessons that if this thing has a 1/1000 chance, it’s a bargain!

I agree, can’t really hurt my swing & may help, plus this may be the year to finally start teaching my son about ‘a good walk spoiled’ :wink:

Here’s some videos (albeit by the manufacturer) of some average folks using the device:

Memory Swing - YouTube

plus one more of Charles Barkley’s experience:

:arrow_forward: Charles Barkley and Roy Green use Memory Swing - YouTube

I’m in for one!

I think that one of the reasons this is so cheap is that it only comes with the memory stick. No instructions, or video

I bought one of these. The box says an instruction visio and booklet is included. Neither was in the box.

Mine didn’t come with either of those. I found this video for it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyrQrqk1vtE

Also, my top pole won’t stay up…To the point I can’t use it.

Great price!!!..as long as you dont need the instructions, or DVD…because it didn’t come with it!!!

any suggestions?

Thanks for the heads up!

I looks like other Wooters have linked to instructional videos previously in the thread. Check them out?

Here’s a very similar product’s instructions. The instructions they give are almost identical to Memory Swing.


Turn the rods in opposite directions. The poles will tighten. I needed to turn mine several times to the point I thought it wasn’t working. Eventually it got tight and the upper rod didn’t slide down anymore.