Original Pilot Sunglass

Original Pilot Sunglass

IMO, the 57mm are too big. And sorry, that price. I paid way way way less for my 52mm’s at the local military base so not sure how they can sell them at 3x the price. I do recall buying these (silver version) for under $20 at the base exchange in the late 90’s. I have two pair now. The black frame and silver. I even got the cheap chase. So, maybe it’s just me but though these glasses are great, they are not that great.

My husband tried to replace his ancient glasses and was told by the sales clerks at the sunglasses counters at two of our local BXs the American Optics brand was no longer being stocked in the Exchange system. He eventually tracked a pair down (because he is a creature of habit and hasn’t worn any other brand/style since his commissioning). I want to say the most recent replacement pair were well over $100.

During a Black Friday sale on Amazon, I found him a back up pair of Raybans that look darned near identical to my eyes for around $80, but he still prefers those greenish brown lens/gold frame AOs.

The price of these things, here on woot and in the wild are disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, they are OK glasses and do present a smart military appearance but seeing OAKLEY and RayBand brands more and more on our military’s faces, AO should realize $100 for these things are way over the top. these things do scratch, they loose their “tightness” faster then I can remember from older pairs. I have two pairs that I got from the exchange. One with the black frames, one with silver. You can currently get Eagle Eye glasses for $36 (both silver and black frame) on AAFES.Com if you would like to surprise him. And from my EXPERIENCE, the EE’s are no different then the AO’s. IMO, the AO’s are knockoffs from the old style NSN stock number glasses you always got at the PX/BX. Cheers.

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Too expensive and pc construction which will scratch over time. I believe that the original design was polarized glass.

Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been NORDO for a week while up in the PA woods freezing my backside off.
Thank you for the heads up! It’s been ages since I’ve been on the AAFES site. I usually surf NEX since I live near three Navy exchanges. He’s an old dinosaur when it comes to his glasses. If I can find them in the gold frames with the green or amber lens, AND they fit his big ol’ head, it’ll be a win for my wallet!