Original Pokémon Cards Bundle

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Original Pokemon Cards Bundle
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er…the photo shows tcg cards, and whatever “trading card” type cards, which i’m sure are MUCH less valuable on the whole. would need some sort of ratios of guaranteed rares/holos/reverse holo/shiny/etc. to make the cost start to be worthwhile.

Hmm, did they take all the cards worth of value out and that’s why they are not in original packaging?

I would be guessing, no holo’s or rare’s

Hmmmm, I’ll bet they did!!

Can a woot staffer confirm or deny allegations of no special cards being included in these plain packaged sets?

I’m also curious to know if there’s any information on what set these cards are from in addition to what the chances are of pulling a rare/foil card out of these packs as well.

My son has just found Pokémon, and wants cards… This seems like a good deal at a little more than a dollar a pack, for those not interested in rare/foil/etc. Can someone more familiar confirm if the cost is worth it from a non-collector perspective?

FYI - used to collect/play Magic in my younger days, and would never have purchased a repack like this. Whether true or not, i would never trust that someone didnt filter the good/rare stuff out before repackaging.

This looks like it would be a great way to get started into the card game, regardless of getting any rare/Holo/EX cards. If your son doesn’t enjoy playing the game or collecting the cards you’ve only spent about two decks worth at full price.

Or, if he already has a deck started, this could be a good way to keep the game fresh by adding one or two of these packs over time. Might help keep the game fresh without spending crazy amounts of money on booster packs.

Can we get some information on if there is any ratio of common/uncommon/rare per pack (or per bundle)?

This is Woot. To answer your questions about rare cards, you have only to look at the Bag of Crap rules and copypasta “Pokeman Cards” where it says “Bag of Crap”:

Thou shalt expect nothing beyond ONE bag of some kind and THREE crappy items.

II. Thou shalt probably expect not to even get a Bag o’ Crap at all. We only have enough for about 10% of the people who want them. Thou art probably in that other 90%.

III. Thou shalt notice that “crap” is right there in the title. Thou shalt not complain when it turns out we were telling the truth.

IV. Thou wouldst probably be better off spending thine eight bucks on just about anything else.

V. Thou shalt be assured that Woot hath upgraded its servers and code to minimize errors and crashes. But thou shalt remind thyself that even if those servers did work perfectly, it would simply mean the BoC sold out earlier.

VI. Should thou fail in thy quest for crap, congratulations. Failure is the biggest crap of all.

Seems like a crappy deal to me. Strolling by the “Bay”, I found 100 card lots with guaranteed minimums of holo and rare cards for <$15.

Search around on Amazon for Pokemon cards. I’ve gotten cards for my kids in unwrapped bundles for much less and the were very pleased. I don’t think this is that great of a deal since they are repackaged without telling you you what you’re getting. You might get stuck with 10 of the same card with these.

I dont think this little of information will fly for an item like this. Repacks are considered to be bottom of the barrel, targeting people that dont understand what repacks are.

If they are actually repacks with the rares pulled, it should be noted. If the rares are there or there-ish (with a chance of some one off epic rare per lot, for the sake of selling) it should also be noted.

Don’t expect to see any EX/rare/holo in these. I also expect to see a lot of those non-tcg cards. I wish there was some kind of ratio posted to confirm. But until that issue is addressed, I will pass.

I agree with what others have said, this doesn’t seem like a good deal. If you’re just looking for a random allotment of Pokemon cards and/or are just starting and don’t care about the rarity concerns listed above I’d search amazon and/or ebay for a lot sale of cards. This just seems like an attempt to take advantage of the PokemonGO popularity.

Looking at the pictures, some of those cards aren’t even playable Trading Card Game cards.

If you’re looking for something for the kids to have and look at, it’s fine, but once you add in interacting with other kids (even if they’re not playing the game) it’s going to likely be an issue, and I’d avoid.

From the vendor: “Yes, holo & rare cards can be found in some of the bundles”

What could be a reason to repack the cards? Seems odd to me. And of course the obvious reason, to me at least, would be to take out anything of value. If there’s a legit (sounding) reason, I might be in for a bundle.