Orion Stainless Steel Convection Outdoor Cooker

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New Orion Stainless Steel Convection Outdoor Cooker, for $89.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Orion OC-1 Stainless Steel Convection Outdoor Charcoal Cooker

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I did some searching. This deal is only $10 less than whatever i’ve found on the CSEs.

Best Smoker Cooker I have every had. Six Racks of Baby Back Ribs, Smoked and fall off the bone tender in 1 hour and 15 min. Two 9 lb pork shoulders smoked and pull apart tender, 4 1/2 hours. Great all the way. Go To orioncooker.com, and go to the forums for pictures and you won’t find a person that doesn’t say it was one of the best things they ever bought.

It’s Great if you love BBQ

This is TEHSTINKYSTINKIEZ, i have searched night and day for this pricing since I missed last time. cheapest i have ever seen is $140 plus shipping, which isn’t cheap, can be up to $50.

you get cheaper? prove it

in for one…wooooooot

Does it come with instructions on how to fit a 20lb turkey into a 13 inch cooking chamber ?

You cook turkeys and chickens by standing them up on that tower looking piece.

I bought one 2 weeks ago on buy.com after missing it on the wootoff. It was more there and I’m not sure they even still have them. Anyway, it really does do a great job of either just cooking or smoking meats. But because it is all contained, use less chips or pellets for smoking than you think you need at first. The turkey breast I cooked was moist and tender but was way to smoky. The chicken I did this weekend was excellent.

The biggest drawback I’ve seen so far is that you really need a lot of charcoal with it. They recommend a full 13-15 lb bag of charcoal for most things you cook.

You want cheaper? Lowe’s has it for 79.90.

It doesn’t say how long the contraption takes to cook tofu?

The Lowes item is a different model (Holiday Turkey Cooker/Smoker). Orion Outdoors
Turkey Cooker/Smoker

Item #: 99043 Model: OC-2

The Woot model is Orion OC-1 Stainless Steel Convection Outdoor Charcoal Cooker

That’s the OC-2 at Lowes, this is the OC-1. It’s bigger

I’m not so sure about this thing… charcoal provides a flavor. This appears to keep all that charcoal away from the meat.

Charcoal provides the heat. Smoke wood provides the flavor (unless you use lighter fluid … then you get nasty flavor). This cooker has received some great reviews from folks who also do competition bbq

I picked up one of these the last time they were on Woot! because I was tired of having to babysit my traditional charcoal smoker all day long just to get one meal out of it. The Orion is hands-down the BEST smoker on the market today - a combination of easy to use and quick cooking times meets fall-off-the-bone tender and low maintenance.

On my first cook with the Orion, I kept it simple - 6 racks of pork back ribs lightly coated with Montreal Steak Seasoning, hickory chips in the smoker and a 13.5lb bag of Match-Light charcoal. 1-hr and 20-min later and the ribs were done to perfection and were falling apart. If I had wanted to do 6 racks of ribs in my Brinkman charcoal smoker I would have only been able to fit in 4 and it would have taken 6+hrs of constant attention. The Orion is literally “fill it, fire it, and forget it”. All of my attempts have turned out perfect in this cooker.

At our last gathering I cooked 10 racks of ribs (in two batches, the charcoal will last more than long enough) and got rave reviews. This Woot! is such a good deal I’m trying to convince myself to buy another for a future gift.

I bit. I just bought a $700 BBQ and promised the SO that it would be the last BBQ I ever spent money on. I guess this is a smoker so I can get around that little detail.

Hopefully these show up before turkey day, I’d love to give this a shot since turkeys are super cheap right now.

In for one. I too am tired of my old smoker that you have to open up to add charcoal which lets out all the heat. This should be more fun than a box of leak frogs.

Nothing is more fun than a box of leak frogs

After seeing this thing on various woots and woot-offs I finally bought one… will it arrive by lunch time? I’m hungry.

My only gripe with these for Thanksgiving & Christmas is that you don’t want to run smokers or outdoor cookers in the winter. I smoked a pork roast last year for some pre-Xmas BBQ. It turned out that I had to cook the roast an extra 4 hours because of the temp. differential. The top of the cooker I was using was hot, but when the air is lower than 50 degrees, you need a lot more charcoal to keep the internal temp up.

This model might be good, but it totally depends on how air-tight the cooking area is. If it draws cold air in from outside, it won’t perform as good as you might think. I usually switch to direct heat cooking around October.

The video made me decide to buy it. I hope I’m not disapointed!