Orka 11” Silicone Oven Mitt

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Orka 11" Silicone Oven Mitt
$2.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Mastrad A81002 11" Silicone Orka Oven Mitt - White

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An Oven Mitt? REALLY??!!

I have one of these in orange. You’d need to order at least 2 to offset the shipping fee vs what you’d pay at a store like Home Goods.

The mitt works very well, but is a bit small for my extremely large-handed spouse.

Great larger picture, Woot!. It must be the Loch Ness Orka Silicone Oven Mitt.

But it’s an oven mitt made of Orca, they are not only used for eating anymore.

Shamu = Nomz

“How many killer whales have you ever seen burn their flippers while taking a pizza out of the oven?”


In for three! I’m tired of having to launder my other mitts. Dishwasher safe is awesome, and right next to the stove.

Can I use this to muffle the screams?

Woot Killer!

Holy Smit, at first look I thought that was a white dil*o with a mud flap!

I believe these are made in Orkahoma.

When I first saw this show up, I definitely didn’t think it was an oven mitt. Then I remembered I’m on Woot.

This looks like it’s for the right hand.


always wear protection

Got one. Works well. Not been burned once. Were that were so with the rest of my life.

These work great but should really be sold in pairs.

roomba, roomba, roomba. I need a roomba…

Did my part…in for 3!

Want to see the shirt.woot Reckoning deal, and I reallY want the Best of Columbus (day in the month)…