Orka Flavor Enhancing Pourer

and I just committed suicide.

wine.woot, please.

Moving on.

That looks…unpleasant.

Um, can’t say as I have one of these… uh, whatever it is!!

oh yeah this will work wonders.

to enhance that delicious killer whale flavor

Enhance the flavor of wine using magnets? Wow…

Magnetic flavor enhancer? I don’t believe it.


Uh… how exactly does this work?

wine.woot is on the second floor to your right…

Then what are they selling at wine.woot?

Austin Powers has one of these…

Anyone else think that said “okra flavor?”

soo… magnetic wine?? i dont get it

is it that slow on wine.woot that they have to move things over here for their entertainment? -.-"

All right, who has seriously used one of these and do they work as advertised?

I am an avid wine drinker (of cheaper wines) and taste improvement would be welcome!

Why is this not on wine.woot?

Really? 8 flavor settings, done by magnets?

I think the fairies have a better chance of affecting my wine…