Orka Flavor Enhancing Pourer

Wine.woot stuff not selling fast enough?

I read this as Okra flavor enhancer, and it is impossible to enhance okra’s flavor except through frying it or putting in Gumbo.

Hey! Wine.woot is having its own woot off. We don’t need that here!

Oh, brother! How about some Tarot cards to solve every problem in all the wooter’s lives?

fucking magnets? how do they work?


hmmmm… i was going to cut down on drinking… but now?

# Also works with liqour and beer

And just how do I fit this onto my beer can?

Does this come with a set of wrist magnets?

And a set for your car, and another set for your water pipes?

I prefer to drink my wine out of the bottle.

Good heavens, that thing looks obscene…

Um…some kind of Marital aid?

You’ll need this flavor enhancer if you bought that crappy wine chiller last night!

Whoa Baby…

That just does not look right.

… Magnets! How do they work?

Will this magnetically enhance the flavor of snake oil?

I didn’t know this kind of thing even existed.

I’ve been decanting my Budweisers lately.

Its a class thing.

Oenophiles must be rolling over in their graves…

i think i’m confused