Orka Flavor Enhancing Pourer

okay then…

it sounds bollocks, even if it’s a particularly minerally wine. still, it’s dirt cheap so buy threee and get onto the Bubble of Criminals


How do you hook this up to a box of wine?

Next up: Magic wand, uses power of crystals and positive thinking to make steaks taste better. Does not work with non-red meats.

Magnets, how do they work?


My okra tastes just fine, but thnaks anyway.

…and this is different from magic how?

Maybe attaching this to my whisky bottle will help me vanish my sorrow and regret from missing the Midland WX SAME radio.

Like okra is bad enough… why would I want to… what? oh. Orka. Whale, now, I read that title wrong didn’t I.


Nothing like whale flavored wine to really get a party started!!


good deal if you ask me


What a disappointing introduction to woot-off’s for me.


Make that glass of Boone’s Farm taste like the finest bordeaux…

Will it improve PBR?

OMG, you HAVE to be kidding. This SUCKS ! Apparently Amazon totally ruined Woot. A THREE DOLLAR plastic bottle topper ???
AND, you want us to pay FIVE DOLLARS to ship the piece of shit ?

GIVE ME A BREAK ! You are REALLY wasting our time Woot. You are going to lose your loyal followers VERY QUICKLY !

WOOT, you better shape up and get some decent products !

LOL- I also misread it as okra- and thought " who in heaven’s name would want okra flavored wine?"

8 flavor settings. Why not 10 or 20 “flavor settings” after all it is a magic cork