Orka Kitchen Torch with 4 Ramekins

Heh…Heh…FIRE! FIRE! …heh…heh…

pfft more like a cigarette lighter

is this zune compatible with windoze 7?

Here’s hoping I can bring this to Starbucks and the gents there will brulee my frappucinno for me…

this seems like a good way to roast marshmallows in an apartment… hmmmm

Perfect! I can use my newly chilled wine to put out the fire when I accidentally set my kitchen on fire with this.

where would you get the butane for this?

Or a good way to reheat leftovers without having to take that long walk to the microwave.

sweet now i dont have to make meth in my bath tub

worth it just for the ramekins, plus fire is always fun…

Would this be a good way to light sparklers?

Around here you can get it almost anywhere lighters and/or cigarettes are sold.

You can buy it at any grocery store or gas station.

I have been wanting one of these for sometime now, but think I will hold off on spening my woot-off money just yet.

Torches like this are also great for the 4th of July!

WalMart? You refuel it the same way you’d refill a butane cigar lighter.

Plenty of great cooks in my family. I ordered two and used one of the coupon codes. I’ll probably keep one…fire, Fire…FIRE…

You can actually find it at your local grocery store.

Just how long/hot is the flame from it? Can I use it to light up charcoals on my BBQ? I prefer not to use the lighter liquids, so lighting up is always tricky - would this be of any help???

I think this would work well for lighting cigars as well!