Orka Plus Silicone Oven Mitts – 2 Pack

somebody’s baking brownies

hot stuff coming through!

I bought a pair of the regular ones a while back, but I wish they had been this “plus” version. I would like to have the liners in mine!

Another product I don’t care about. Where’s the good stuff Woot?!

Got these last time, love them. Very flexible, very easy to grip stuff. Light enough that I can hang them on one magnetic hook on the fridge. A++ would cook again.

Great for driving the autobahn. In for 4.

Perfect for grabbing a scalding hot Livestrong Teapot.

Bag of Crap future item?

Also can be used as nose guards for your pet dolphins.

Keep a u mitts off ov Orka Winfrey’s stuffff!

“second pair they came with in the 2-pack, huh?.”

I bought these on a previous deal. I believe “Two pack” means one pair, so the text is confusing.

Common i need camera

Bonus: if you get tired of using them for cooking, you can use them to reenact the tunnel-full-of-cave-snakes scene from ‘Robot Holocaust’

In for 2. Wedding shower season is fast approaching.

get 'em while they’re … HOT!


man, i wish i had bought some Orka Plus Silicone Oven Mitts. then, i wouldn’t have burned myself baking these delicious cookies.

Oh what the hecksickles. I’ll get one so I can colorfully female-dog slap a backhanded compliment. Taking one for the team!

Got these during the last Woot-off. They are a huge improvement over grabbing the nearest kitchen rag and attempting to pull blazing pans out of the oven. The liners don’t affect your ability to grab things securely at all.

oh. a cotton lining is nice. I just recently bought a pair of silicone oven mitts from Sur la Table to replace my grotty fabric ones. I hate to wear them because they are feel clammy and slippery inside.

Will most definately get. These, with my blue leotards will allow me to run around the house and look like the Mego Batman doll I had as a kid!