Orka Plus Silicone Oven Mitts – 2 Pack

They kind of look like multi-colored popsicles.

These are much better (imho) than the original Orka mitts. Those were thicker and while they had better heat protection, you need really strong hands to keep your grip on something.

Stiff mitt + tight grip + hot pan = bottom of drawer.

New ones aren’t as heatproof but they’re not bad and infinitely more manageable.

I needed a pair of these for my meth lab. They are great because they keep your hands from getting burnt and any lingering chemicals from seeping into your skin.

Rule 34…

These are great to discipline the kids with. I might buy some for the neighbor.

You’ve won a free oven mitt!! -Navin Johnson

Better question: Why do you have such poor taste in products? j/k, homie. You’re alright.

I was just staring into that drawer full of pot holders and oven mitts I have and thinking “I really need more.”

Got some of these from Moofi recently.

They work great and the liner is nice. Just be aware that the silicone will definitely not slide when contacting other silicone. Be it a second glove or a cookie sheet liner, etc.

I got some of the unlined ones off of WOOT last year. Maybe it is just me, but these things are enormous! They don’t even fit into a standard kitchen drawer.

Got these last time they were offered. I LOVE them. Easy grip and easy to clean. Will never have cloth ones again.

I had two Ove gloves, and they worked awesome for handling hot cookware. Sadly, my dog chewed the thumbs off both (making them useless for cooking). I guess he’s jealous that I have opposable thumbs and he doesn’t?

In for a pair of blue ones.


I wouldnt waste my $ on these, If they were a pair of OveGloves you would be alot better off.

I needed to get my Mitts on a pair of those!


I think you’ll be disappointed the OveGloves are amazing!

I got the charcoal ones last time. These colors are brighter.

These are thinner and easier to use than the old style. The liner is required, according to the documentation, to provide appropriate protection.

IN for 1. I’ve done my part in the quest for the B to the O to the C.

You got that right, two mits not four as in two pair.