Orka V-Blade Mandoline


dishwasher safe?

Food slicer. That’s what.

is this Mac compatible?

I have been wanting a mandoline slicer for ages. Well done, Woot. This three-day woot-off is just full of surprises.

hmm interesting, I may get one



Does it matter? I’d through it in there any way. No way I’m slicing up my hand washing that thing.

Wtf is a mandoline?

“the difference between having the original tip on your index finger or not.”

Or on your thumb. Cut mine off when I lost the pusher thing. At least the blade was sharp.

Does this do the job about as well as Id expect a $15 mandolin to do???

Anybody know the brand, used this one? Love my current mandoline, but this one seems more flexible in terms of what it can do.

Can’t find any reviews on this thing, considering it as a Father-in-law gift…

OMG, it’s the RONCO vegomatic!!!

How many rounds does it hold, and where do you mount the laser sight?

Depends on whether you like him. If you don’t, conveniently have the pusher missing.

Heck, I’d seriously consider actually getting it!!!

How thin can it slice?
Good enough for meats, or it’s strictly for veggies?

It’s JUlien by God it’s Julien!