Orka V-Blade Mandoline

Oh yeah, definitely a 2-dayer. Maybe even 3 since it has been so long!

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Slice and dice they’re moving now!

Because woot Caches pages.

At least it’s not a referb…

Can I make waffle fries on this?

Sold out, but:


From Amazon:

Awful, almost slashed my wrist using this, January 1, 2011
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This review is from: Orka V-blade Mandoline Black
If I could give it 0 stars, I would. That safety holder won’t hold anything. I ended up holding the carrot by hand trying to make julienne slices. It just made cuts in the carrot. I also tried the shred attachment. It worked ok, but I prefer my food processor better. Again the safety holder wouldn’t hold. The is the worst kitchen tool ever. I honestly can’t think of a single good thing about it.

I have one of these. It’s good. If you need to slice things, especially food.

Well I can tell you nothing says good eating better then thinly sliced cetacean.

This could easily shred my Bag of carrots!!!

Shoot. I take the time to read a couple of reviews and it is gone.

If you are a serious cook, you want one of these. They make the making of sauerkraut short work. Can’t beat them for perfect tomato slices either.

Ski ball anyone?

Thanks, for a minute I was sad I missed it.

Can I slice 2 fingers off with this at once? Efficiency is important for me.

I just bought one. I am not a two fisted shredder.

You might loss a toe

I highly recommend the Swissmar Borner V-slicer:

I have one, have had since 2004. It washes up like a dream. IT IS DANGEROUSLY SHARP but the safety holder is pretty good. NOT FOR CHILDREN.

*“One day. I was a member of the greatest cover band of the greatest band to ever come out of Athens, Georgia for one whole day.”

“Suddenly I was going to be slicing, grating, and julienning for R.E.Member! Who knew that needed a caterer?!”*

That’s curious…why would a B-52’s cover band be named R.E.Member?

I got this one last month, I like it, and it’s got pretty good reviews: