Orka Wine Thermometer

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do you really need it? yes, so wooters.us

Orka Wine Thermometer [New] - $4.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Mastrad A75500 Wine Thermometer

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kids.woot, wine.woot, shirt.woot, moofi.woot, and probably deals.woot, but I haven’t been checking any woots to see if they are over at deals now.

so are the other woot-offs invading?

meh, no wine for me

oh lord.


Shouldnt this piece of crap be on wine woot?

It still doesn’t say okra.


Shouldn’t this be on wine.woot?

Why would one need to take wine’s temp??

wrong site? maybe?

Look out! ORC/Ka!

will this work on winehouses?

Wow, so… this exists? Huh.

NOT a rectal thermometer

weak wootness

we had some shirt.woot in thar. yay for woot reuniting!