Ortman Family Vineyards 2007 Cuvée Eddy - 3 Pack

Ortman Family Vineyards 2007 Cuvée Eddy - 3 Pack
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3 2007 Cuvée Eddy
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No shipping to CT :frowning: Wah!

HAK. you left price
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Ortman Family Vineyards 2007 Cuvée Eddy - 3 Pack


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i liked this one a lot

I’ve had this quite a bit (ordered nine bottles with one left). I am embarrassed to say I don’t have any notes on it. Here’s what I remember: medium-bodied (as one might expect), red fruit, decent balance. I like the tartrite thing, an extra layer toward access. Very nice drinkable wine. Good for everyday. I’m a little “done” with it, though, because nine bottles is just too much. I would recommend, however, if you haven’t had it. Price point seems reasonable. Easy, pleasant drinker.

Right there with you on CT

This shipping list of states looks super short…

LOVE this wine, in for 3 only bought a 1 pack last time as i was on edge, was annoyed I didn’t buy more.

Edit: this is the worst w.w off in history for me, i have bought 4 things now.

Lets hope La Famiglia Barbera or a Long Lost case of Albino Rhino don’t turn up or I’ll really be in trouble.

I don’t have tasting notes, but I opened one of these up several months back and really enjoyed it. I remember it as being very smooth and sort of subtle. The fruit flavors are there but don’t punch you in the face. Definitely worth the price in my book.

There ain’t no stealing my thunder… :tongue:

Wow, how can I not buy this?

In for one; this is the kind of low-risk option that will get me to hit the buy button. I have found that a lot of blends are very pleasant every day drinkers. I’m hoping this will be!

Im kind of hoping and not hoping for Blue Rock …

Looks to be about $20.00 a bottle from the winery. And the Rhone report says cellar window is 2011 thru 2016. There that’s my 2 cents worth!!!

I really enjoyed this one as an interesting everyday drinker. Still have 3 bottles left, so I don’t think I’m going in for any plus these bottles are a little large for my cooler.

This isn’t the best wine for gifting (lesson learned!) due to the confusion the layer of titrates might cause.

In Parkers Best Wines under $25. Drink over first 2-3 years

yummmmm!!! I LOVE this!!!

you will be pleasantly surprised :slight_smile: this one is delicious…and hey if you don’t like it i’ll take the rest!

Chances it would get to Missouri by April 12th? I leave for vacay on the 13th. What if If it comes while I’m away?

Simple… do what I do for all of these… click the “Hold at a fedex center” thing when you get your tracking number. Better then letting it sit outside in some climates.