Ortman Family Vineyards 2007 Cuvée Eddy - 3 Pack

Ortman Family Vineyards 2007 Cuvée Eddy - 3 Pack
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PRODUCT: 3 2007 Cuvée Eddy
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Got three in the last offering, but haven’t tried one yet…

Yo, I’ve purchased this 2007 Cuvee twice. The first time (May 2010) all was good, But last time (April 2011), two of the three bottles had some seepage around the cork and stained the remaining bottle. The juice was OK, but not as good as the first time and I have to attribute that to the seepage. On a higher note though, all previous Ortman offerings have been excellent.

I enjoyed the one bottle of this that I had.
Be wary that upon opening these bottles have lots of tartrates in the neck. So a decanter or vinturi with a screen is a must.

I just finished my last bottle from the previous offering, and was delighted to see it pop up on the woot-off! We really liked this blend - nice and smooth, sort of chewy mouthfeel, pairs well with food but just fine by itself. Plus it’s kind of fun to smash through the tartrate crystal plug with the aerator pipe. No seepage problem here.

Stupidly large button pressed. Now I really MUST go on the SIWBM.

A really interesting looking wine - seems like a new world take on a Rhone blend with the Petite Sirah providing a little more backbone.

Definitely worth a swallow.

great juice, just don’t need more pinot right now

if I did, I would insta-buy. if you are on the fence, give this a try. as good as any pinot i’ve bought from this site

if you’re a pinot fan, get your hands on some MacPhail juice… from Sonoma… worth every penny

Great QPR on this one. I’ve only had one bottle, but I would buy again if it wasn’t 90 degrees here. My notes:

PnP through vinturi - nose of blackberry and raspberry, something woodsy as well, but not over-oaked, a bit of (good) funk, wish there was more. the nose really starts to sweeten up after some time in the glass, nice tangy fruits. good acidity, and very good finish. Medium-body wine. This is a steal at this price from woot.

Pinot? No, this is a Syrah blend, Rhone-style! Probably SGM or something.

This is a Rhone Blend, it’s not a Pinot.

EDIT: Richard beat me to it.

Speaking of a venturi, I don’t have one yet. Is there a consensus on a good home one that I can grab through Amazon?

This seems to be a highly-regarded unit - it’s on our wedding registry:


(That’s for the complete set, they also sell the standalone vinturis for about $10 less.)

Nice quaffer. In for two, which means I can open my last bottle this week!

Just read through the notes on cellartracker and uniformly positive tasting reviews.

I’m having buyer’s remorse - I only bought one!

Yes, no pinot in this one - it looks like a rhone style wine with more syrah than
grenache in the blend.

In case anyone reads the above comments and gets confused:

From the product description:

Varietal Composition Syrah 42%, Grenache 30%, Mourvedre 19% Petite Sirah 9%

Also, some friends of mine and I have both ordered this on multiple occasions. It is a great QPR.

I don’t have tasting notes here at work, but I know one of my thoughts was that it reminds me of drinking non-sweetened blueberry cobbler (which I found to be a very good thing). I know I had other thoughts, but like I said, don’t have the book here :frowning:

That’s one of the two I was looking at. Unless someone screams otherwise, I think I’ll grab one of those today too.

Missed the Victory by sitting on the fence for too long :frowning:

Gald this came up cause i missed this last time :)will have fun breaking the crystals.

Yeah I have that set on our registry, and we’re also registered for a standalone white vinturi. That way we’ll have the tower and other goodies and be all set for both reds and whites.

Seems like the cheapest and most space-saving way to get all the goodies.

If you wait, I am sure there will be one up some time later today.