Ortman Family Vineyards 2007 Cuvée Eddy Three - Pack

Ortman Family Vineyards 2007 Cuvée Eddy Three - Pack
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Condition: Red
Product: 3 2007 Cuvée Eddy
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I decree a new rule for The Wine Church.

Thou shalt not rip on VT if thou shalt not ship to VT.

Matt Ortman here if anyone has any questions. I’ll be checking in while packing for a quick trip to Vancouver for a press check.

I’m not familiar with this type of wine. What can the palate expect?

Bah, this looks too fantastic to resist. In for two, and I’ll just have to tell the woman that I’m covering it with money from my birthday…which isn’t for another two months.

Courtesy of CJ:

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Nope. Sorry. You have no one to blame but yourself, remember? It’s always Corrado’s fault! :tongue:

No NH, no VT. Sadddddfaaaace.

Can someone send me some tartrate rock candy?

Because it is a blend expect the aromatics to be pretty complex, and to change over time open. As far as palate goes it is full of a host of fruit flavors, both red and black fruits mixed with some earthy spice. Mid palate is fairly juicy and approachable but it does have some dryness (from tannins in the syrah and petite sirah) at this point. The tannins will continue to soften over time, but I don’t find them really harsh, just definitely there.


You all could just wait until the Noceto on Wednesday.

It’ll probably be an automatic buy for me then.

Liking my purple hair, looks like I stuck my head underneath the de-stemmer while processing petite sirah!

So this week we’re talking about GSM, or for the uninitiated, Grenache-Syrah-Mouvedre based wines. Obviously this one goes slightly off style, which generally speaking involves using those grapes in that order, and adds some Petite Sirah to blend and add complexity. How different is this than a traditional GSM, or how does this relate to a really good Syrah?

And when are you going to make varietal Petite Sirah? There, I said it. Someone was going to.

Wine Spectator review:
Score: 88
Release Price: $24
Tightly focused plum, blackberry, pepper and spice are well-proportioned, both rustic and polished, ending with a finish that offers traction. Syrah, Grenache, Mourvèdre and Petite Sirah. Drink now through 2014. 1,500 cases made. –JL

Is this a good solo wine, or should it be paired with something? If the latter, what does it pair best with? And would I enjoy it more drinking it with an entire meal or with a small food pairing?

Who is Eddy?

I suppose it would be unnecessary to direct Wooters to the most recent blog post on Grenache, the second-largest (and likely most unsung) component of this blend.

I guess I’m answering my own question, but from the website:

“The rich flavors and approachable character of the 2007 Cuvée Eddy are a perfect match for casual comfort foods such as calzones, lasagna and hamburgers, as well as hearty French onion soup, roast leg of lamb with rosemary, and grilled marinated flank steak.”

Still, I’m wondering if this would make a good solo wine to drink on its own. And based on what is recommended if maybe some cheese or something small would go nicely with this as well, not just a large meal.

Sorry about that I forgot the description doesn’t talk about the blend. It is 42% Syrah, 30% Grenache, 19% Mourvedre, and 9% Petite Sirah. It is going to be juicier than a great standalone syrah. Our goal with this wine is to deliver a wine that is enjoyable as a stand alone, and also very drinkable, with plenty of fruit and complexity.

The Syrah adds some weight to the wine along with some of the darker fruit tones. The Grenache we use has tons of strawberry fruit character and good mid palate but lacks color. The Mourvedre offers some cherry compote flavors along with some very interesting earthy, leather notes. The Petite adds another layer of black fruit, some backbone, hints of minerality as well as helping with the overall color.

Holy cow! Why is the Pacific Northwest going crazy over this?