Ortman Family Vineyards 2007 Cuvée Eddy - Three Pack

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Ortman Family Vineyards 2007 Cuvée Eddy - Three Pack - $39.99 + $5 shipping shipping

3 * 2007 Cuvée Eddy

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Surprised to see this still hanging around. I’ve actually still got two left, and no plans to drink them soon.

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I might be in for some Rhone style blend…

bad or need time?

k1avg, can you clarify?

Speaking of which, where has Cesare been?

It’s decent now, but will probably be better with time. I’ve got other daily drinkers that are more pressing time-wise (and that case of TLC on the way), so I’ll just let these sit for a bit and see what happens.

Surprisingly, it looks like I’ve never actually taken notes when drinking one (and I was in for two the first time, so I’ve chugged through four bottles). Generally, though, these took a while to recover from traveling, and are rather simplistic, fruit-forward, easy drinkers, but full-bodied and well-structured enough to develop a bit longer. Worth a go at the price if you haven’t tried it.

found some tasting notes for this wine over at cellartracker - community average of 88 points

I have bought a full case of this between the original offering and from a wootoff. It doesn’t take a great deal of time to open up and thus makes a nice daily drinker. I like how the blend has so much PS.

Night Ghost - your previous offer link is bad, it takes me to a Pinot offer.

Oh, and that 9% PS is very evident in the blend, giving it a very full, dark undercurrant.

Was that intentional?

LOL, so one of those bottles you open late-night, usually after a few bottles of better wine, at the point when pontification takes the place of note taking?

2nd tempting offer for me after the Adobe Road. Still on a Wine Wootoff Imposed Wine Buying Moratorium. WWIWBM. Also have a Cellar Space Imposed Wine Buying Moratorium. CSIWBM. WWIWBM has a nice ring to it though.

Sorry. But I just cut and pasted Cesare’s post. Perhaps he wanted to show the winery.

This makes a good first bottle too. We decanted first partly because of all the sediment and mostly because we always decant. Don’t remember too much besides really enjoying it. Also guilty of not taking enough notes.


Last wooter to woot: silent7seven

I thought this was really nice for the price. It’s jammy and sweet and should be a good one to bring to a party.

Much better than the average daily $10ish drinker. Great QPR and this blend is more interesting than your typical cheap red blend.