Ortman Family Vineyards 2007 Cuvée Eddy - Three Pack

Actually, looks like I took some notes, I just didn’t put them up on CT. Here’s what I wrote back in the original thread about my first bottle after the shipment:

And later that night:

There’s also some pretty good Rat reports in that thread. If I didn’t already have something open, I’d crack open a bottle and Live-Rat for the rest of the offer. Oh well.

Or beers, apparently.

Ditto what lassow said. Like raw sodium, give it a little air and it will be much more interesting.

I’m running dry during this woot-off, so I’m going to go in for one of these since they’ll come in handy during holiday season.

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can someone please point me in the right direction

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Sorry, my bad - I’m off work tomorrow and have been punishing myself with a bottle of flat Zin that I refuse to pour down the drain. I think I’m hoping SWMBO will take this as repentance for the X cases of wine I’ve ordered during this wootoff.

In for one :smiley:

How much of that flat Zin have you had? You’re judgment seems to have been impaired if you think that drinking wine you have already gotten in trouble for buying will get you out of trouble for buying more wine.

Good point! It will make a great reduction tomorrow night. I’m popping a nice Languedoc now - thanks for the sound logic!

I ratted this originally, and just had another bottle this week. It’s very nice in the right context. It did not go well with a tomato- and garlic-heavy pasta dish. I think of it as a ham and cheese kind of wine. I was just about to order some more, when the FedEx guy walked in with another order I had totally forgotten about. I took that as a sign.

Is this THE “Fast Eddy” vintage?..

Ortman Family Vineyards 2007 Cuvée Eddy - Three Pack
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This looks good!

I almost missed it!!! In for 2. Kids and Hubby thought I was having an attack I was yelling so loudly! They just don’t understand! :slight_smile:

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I totally should have bought more than one. Just finished all 3 bottles and can’t wait for other offers from this vineyard!