Ortman Family Vineyards Pinot Noir Two - Pack



Ortman Family Vineyards Pinot Noir Two - Pack
$44.99 + $7.00 shipping
Condition: Red
1 2006 Pinot Noir-Fiddlestix Vineyard
1 2006 Pinot Noir-Santa Rita Hills
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BINGO ! Been ages since I nailed it. Feels good. What better way to celebrate than with some wine…


$86 + shipping from the winery, $50 for Fiddlestix, $36 for Santa Rita Hills


nice work Smartheart !



[How good is this deal?](http://bit.ly/W7OId" title="How good is this deal?)

Actually, I am not sure. I just finished a bottle of Pedroncelli Zin and forgot to check the spreadsheet myself.

Click the link above for full details, and let me know if I should buy, too.


Very compelling offer. Nice price, and the ABV, pH and TA stats all suggest good balance.

Which clones are used in these two wines?


Since someone has to ask:

How long should we cellar these for? Would they benefit some age or are they good to go now?


Funny story about Ortman and “points”. 4-5 years ago on Ebob someone wrote up a tasting note of a blind tasting event where the Ortman 2001 cab was “scored” 97 by the a member of the board. Not a critic, just a member/user of the board

Almost immediately people rushed to go buy it since it was “only” $45 for a potential 97 pt wine. Supposedly after that post Ortman saw more web activity/purchases than ever before. People were buying 6+ bottles at a time based off of one person’s rec and most people have never heard of the winery before.


Hi All,

Matt Ortman here. I’m excited to be a part of wine.woot and am around if you have any questions.

Looking forward to chatting with you


Steve Heimoff of WE has nice notes on these.

2006 Fiddlestix:
A young, fresh Pinot that requires a little cellaring, although decanting for a few hours will help open it up. The cherry, red plum, sandalwood and spice flavors are appealing now, but there’s a firm overcoat of tannins. Cries out for roasts, cheeses, grilled salmon.

2006 SRH:
A benign Pinot, meaning it’s dry and stylishly elegant, in a straightforward way that straddles the border of complexity. Shows layers of cherries, plums, tea, licorice, allspice and cloves, in a silky, full-bodied texture.


The Santa Rita bottling is a blend of 113, 115, 667, 777 and Pommard.

The Fiddlestix bottling is 115, 667 and 777.


What was your one purchase? Just out of curiosity? Was it the wine map?


No, my wife bought the wine map. I bought the
Saxon-Brown Semillon. It’s hard to find non-Central Coast wines sold around here.


How did you like the Saxon-Brown Semillon? We had about 45 wooters together yesterday on a wine tasting cruise in NY harbor and it was one of the wines we tasted.


Alright, I’m sold. Would love to labrat, of course.

What are the suggested drinking windows?


RE: Balance- That is something we strive for in all of our wines. My father Chuck is heading into his 44th harvest, and over the years has developed what many call the ‘Ortman’ style.

A big part of the Ortman style is to let the fruit be the main feature of the wine. We pick based on flavor and tannin development, but before ripeness will hide some of the more subtle flavors. We also try to balance other elements such as use of oak, so that it adds structure and complexity but not a lot of oak flavor, per se.

The best part of making wines in this style is when they accompany food. When you have good fruit flavors combined with additional complexity, the right foods can accentuate certain flavors in the wine. For me, that is when the magic happens with wine.


Hey Matt,

Good to see you on here. I actually thought of you when WD gave the clue. I am really happy to see one of my favorite wineries doing the woot thing. Say hi to Lisa for me, she is always wonderful to chat with at wine club events. On a side note when would you recommend opening the Little Man Pinot?


To everyone else,

On full disclosure I am a wine club member at Ortman and I love their Pinots and they also do a great Chardonnay (Matt’s Dad is known as Mr Chardonnay). I have been a member for over 2 years now (only 24 years old). I most likely will be buying these wines here on woot, as well since I already drank my Fiddlestix (my old neighbor is a winemaker and bought grapes from a vineyard across the street from Fiddlestix so I wanted him to see what it was like) and I need one to hold on to for a while.

These are fantastic wines. I had a 2004 Pinot a couple weeks ago for graduation and it was wonderful. I am lucky to have a couple of their library Pinots in my wine fridge right now, waiting for the right time to open. This week might be time to open one to share some tasting notes for you guys on how the wines age. But, if I were you I wouldn’t wait. I am supposed to be on a wine buying moratorium, and I just got 5 bottles from Ortman last month. I will probably be in for at least one order (debating maxing out).



I liked the Casa Santinamaria Vineyard bottling the best because it had more fruit. I’m certainly no expert on Semillon and that’s why I wanted to try it. What did the wooters think?


It would seem that most of the wooters have not opened their bottles yet. There is only one CT note for the Santinamarina. I ratted that bottle though, and found the spiciness very odd. I liked it though. Very well made, although expected from Saxon-Brown.