Oscars 2011: The Thread

Thought I’d post this for anyone interested in commenting on the Oscars tonight.

I wish Kevin Spacey would host the rest of the show…

not watching the Oscars (don’t get ABC), but usually the PWA ladies have chatter on this subject, yet are strangely quiet tonight. Wow, I’m just so surprised.

I was watching on the new TV in the living room. Internet’s in the office.

Poof, you need to move into the future with wireless internet and a laptop.

Which is way less in the future than a smartphone.

It looks like I am the most tolerant of animals.
If we ever go on vacation, I guess I’ll figure out who to volunteer with when I get home.
There are two places, in the same town. People like volunteering at both. Everyone who volunteer says the other place is bad, go to their place.