Osha Ansi Osha First Aid Kit 326 Pieces

Osha Ansi Osha First Aid Kit 326 Pieces

I don’t think packing in the thin plastic sleeve worked out well… I would need to use a bandage or two after opening this to use. I’ll be getting in touch with customer service, but I am still more disappointed now than any Bandolier of Carrots has ever made me.

Yeah, I’m not sure who decided to ship that in an envelope. Customer Service will have some options for you though.

Hi there. Sorry about that. Did it ship in a box or poly bag?

Poly bag. One that it really didn’t fit in.

Bah. So many are switching to polybags (including Amazon). I’ll let the grocery team know.

I do appreciate it! I know they are more financially wise but makes me feel more guilty about ordering. They aren’t as recyclable as the cardboard. I love Woot and am addicted so it just means more post-purchase shame.