OSI Grill Right Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer

It says “Supports dual probe” but doesn’t list any probes on the what’s in the box list. Are there any?

In the second picture from the top, the caption reads “1 probe included”.

I purchased one of these recently, and I have mainly been using it on my old electric stove which is a bit inconsistent on temperature. My wife and I have used it a few times and for chicken it invariably comes out perfectly cooked and juicy.

One big helpful hint: to turn it off press the start button so it is no longer trying to keep track of the doneness of the meat then hold the set button for a few seconds and the unit will power down. That seems to confuse others out there.

I haven’t synced to my phone yet, but it definitely fills my needs at home.

Amazon reviews are not good: Reviews

I bought one of these but the LCD screen wouldn’t come on. Not worth shipping back. It’s a piece of crap.

I’ve a a two-piece unit and just one you stick in the food to see if the core has reached 160 degrees. I use the simple one a lot more.

Sometimes I think Bluetooth toilet paper rolls that tell you (remotely) when they are low will be the next big thing.

2 thumbs up if I could!

What about another bluetooth sensor that will tell when ladies leavc the lid up. There’s money to be made with both!!!

Picked up a couple of these. It sounds like the bluetooth is a little questionable on these units, but from the reviews I saw, that could also be a function of iOS. I am looking forward to it.

Software can be downloaded for “Grill Right” at Google Play; instruction unclear on this point. However, software would not download (incompatible) with three different Android 4.x devices I tried. It does work with Android 5. It is very slow to sync with the probe, and it took a while to find how to turn it off. See other reviewer on this issue. In all, a below average device.