Oster 10-Cup Stainless Steel Professional Food Processor

Anybody know how this does with crushing ice?

I initially got excited because I thought “stainless steel” was referring to the bowl. :frowning:

Oster Page

I am kinda sorta pretty much sure you are looking for a blender…maybe? I could possibly be wrong a little bit.

Per the manual, pg 5 (linked on main page)

NOTE: Do not attempt to chop ice in this food processor; it will damage the
bowl and dull the Chopping Blade. This unit will not whip cream, beat egg
whites, grind coffee beans, spices or other items with high oil content, or slice
or shred hard-cooked eggs, marshmallows, or soft cheeses.


$99.88 on Amazon.

3 reviews. One positive, two negative.

This sounds suspiciously like a backstage rider. Oster will only process green M&Ms.


Yeah, and that’s $99.88 with free shipping, so really only a $15 difference between the Amazon Fatherland and home.woot.

Very good to know info…Hidden, you say? Page 5? And not in the Woot write up? Something is amiss…I don’t think Woot writers could have written anything this clever about a processor if they tried!

Oster was rather specific about its limitations, weren’t they?

I’d rather have a juicer. Hook me up Woot.

Same price at Wally World, reviews are 50/50. Making dough(not moolah) seems to be a common issue but there are some tricks to it.

It won’t crush anything. If you need blending, you should get a blender. I’d get a KitchenAid if that’s within your budget (I have one and love it; get the one with a glass jar).

This Oster is not a blender, and I think many people are confused about them calling it a “food processor”. Many people associate that with blending, mixing and puree-ing. This is not what this thing does.

This is a food “preparer”. It helps to prep for recipes that call for a LOT of slicing, julienning or chopping of vegetables (that is: soft food). I do have a similar machine (the Cuinsart Mini-Prep: http://tinyurl.com/83edx5l) with only 3-cup capacity; and I consider it one of the most useful appliances for cooking. Potatoes au gratin, French onion soup, stir-fry (anything!), Italian wedding soup and many other soups etc.

I don’t know this particular Oster model, but I can see how someone who makes a lot of vegetarian dishes (like I do, too, since the lady is vegetarian) would find it very useful. I find 10-cup capacity to be way too big and un-wieldy for a one/two persons meal, but if you have a family, that’s a pretty good size.

One of the negative reviews on Amazon sounds highly suspicious. I have seen this machine before, and any plastic pieces, if forced, would break. I wonder if READING THE MANUAL would have prevented that breakage. I can hardly believe that simply assembling this tool would cause it to break; that’s pretty unimaginable in this days and age. If you get it, I highly suggest that you read the manual. Common sense, right? :slight_smile:

The only cook I know who uses a food processor is Nigella, I keep trying to figure out if I would ever use it or just another boxed small appliance to add to the collection. A mandolin is more useful.

I don’t know about that. Both the Bearfat Contessa, as my kids call her, and Giada de Laurentiis have been known to use one.

I have the smaller 3 cup like @lll0228, and while I love it, it’s just too small to make this recipe for the best home made pie crust.

I still have my Deals coupon I received a few weeks ago and this has the potential to be a very attractive Christmas gift for myself.

Alton Brown uses one regularly.

One of the inexpensive ninja models is recommend strongly by Consumer Reports. The only one that beat it perfromance wise was 3 or 4 hndred dollars. Woot has had teh ninja for as low as 29 or 39 bucks.

bonanza.com has it for 69.00 free shipping