Oster 12 Bottle Wine Cellar



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New Oster 12 Bottle Wine Cellar, for $69.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Oster OW0912H6H 12 Bottle Wine Cellar

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How many rackmounts can I fit in this?


Perfect match with wine.woot. Coincidence? I think not.


Yipes. Good luck finding reviews on this one. But it DOES seem like perfect timing. I’m having a wine party this week. This thing would be perfect to store the leftovers.


Oster 12 Bottle Wine Cellar
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Mill is the fastest human being alive. He even wins when wine stuff is on here!!!


Now if it was a Kegerator, I would buy.


HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED! I bought one at Best Buy and it died within three weeks. My replacement died six months later. A friend bought one after seeing mine and his died in four monts.


So how many cans of my fave 12 oz can of carbonated beverages can I fit in this thing?


Ahh… been wanting one of these. Decisions, decisions!


Anyone have a gauge on how much my electric bill will go up if I run this thing constantly?


I don’t think he is a real person.


How many boxes of fine wine will this hold?


Ok I researched and it has some really bad reviews about the fan going out. The link is below with somewhat recent dates



SO far everywhere I’ve checked says it’s garbage!!!

I guess you’re lucky if they survive 6 months! BUYER BEWARE!


Not much. I have two beer fridges about this size and I don’t notice an increase.


It’s like the Kennedys of wine refrigerators.


HA, and I thought I filled up my 30-bottle cellar fast. This is a joke for anyone semi-interested in wine.




I bought this exact wine cellar from BB last year around this time for $100 and the fan stopped working after about 8 months. Problem is, the company who makes them for Oster went out of business, so don’t expect the manufacturer warranty to be honored.