Oster Kitchen Appliances

Seems like the buyers dropped the ball on the convection oven. It’s only four dollars cheaper than on Amazon when you factor in w00t!'s five dollars shipping.

Only 10 reviews there, but they’re generally pretty bad. Reviewers say it runs hot and is unreliable. I think I’ll pass on this one.

Unreliable is a concern. But hot? Gee, it is a countertop over!

Same thing with the regular toaster oven. TSSTTVF815. It’s only a couple bucks cheaper here than on Amazon with Woot! Shipping charge. 39.99 on Amazon.

I am concerned that the toaster appears to be toasting bread, not jelly beans.

was going to buy until I read the 11 2 out of 5 star reviews Amazon about this Oven breaking down the day after It was purchased. No wonder WOOT/Amazon is trying to get rid of IT! IT’s a lemon and a safety Hazzard as well!


To be fair, we have a return policy for defective or damaged items, just not buyer’s remorse. If there’s a legitimate issue, our CS department is happy to resolve the problem.