Other tees out of the woot style.


I’ve already printed two shirts through the woot site and I just loved the experience. It is a very specific kind of crowd here. That’s why this site is kind of unique.

But for the ones interested on some other styles and tee creations, I just opened my own shop on Mysoti. There I do different stuff… Let’s say more discreet. Please if you have some time pass by to visit me. The quality of their printing is outstanding…

For the ones who want to give a second try to their many, unsuccessful past derby entries, I would recommend it too.

I only advertise it here because it is something very nice. By the way I discovered woot over a post like this…

Here is one of my creations there :

See you…

$42 for a tee?

Umm…Wow. I’ll admit I’m willing to spend more than most in pursuit of a shirt I like, but that’s WAY out of my budget.

Hey marvyn!
Come back later. I did a mistake while creating my shopping about the profit percentage setings. The real price is under half of it. I have to fix this and I guess tomorrow it will be fine.

Sorry. Everyone is stil invited.



all the prices are ok now!!