Other Uses for Candy Corn

Camouflage for better candy!? What’s better than candy corn…

LOL ewwwwwww… Well this is hilariously childish. EW! Not the ear. No, my delicious candy corn!

I always wondered what candy corn was made for, now I know.

“Reverse Hearing Aid”??

Wouldn’t that be an ear plug?

Candy corn rocks. I expected to want this shirt when I saw the topic. But, meh…

Hey! I never thought of sticking candy corn in my non-tasting face holes!

Great! I sure as shootin’ didn’t want to eat the stuff.

Can I trade this shirt for a better one?

Candy Corn is an insult to real candy.

Any use for candy corn is better than actually eating the vile stuff…except for putting them in your ears and/or nose. Who wants to guess how many comments before somebody reacts with horror that this shirt will be the cause of kids putting candy corn in places that require a trip to the doctor?

I would use the other candy as camouflage for my candy corn. Nobody touches my candy corn.

i dont think my dentist would be very happy with this shirt…

then again. he may be ecstatic. more money for him!

No love for the deformed and misfit candy corns that are only two colored or stumpy crumbs at the bottom? Those are my favorite-each one is special and not a follower like the rest!

troll doll party hat makes it for me…would look great against those wild neon hair colors

I will give a dollar to anyone who can get a piece of candy corn to stand up by itself (without biting it).

Candy corn vampire? Problem Sleuth anyone?
http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=4&p=001301 for explaination.

Candy corn as ear plugs? Even the foam ear plugs that are supposed to mold to your ear inevitably fall out of my ears when I’m sleeping and end up lost amidst the sheets and blankets… and stale candy corn is definitely not something I want to come across on the rare occasions that I actually bother to make my bed.

But, you know, to each her own. I’m sure I’ve had worse things than stale candy corn in my bed, so who am I to judge?

What does everyone have against candy corn!?

Funny i just bought a bag and im eating them now they are delicious! :slight_smile:

I have seen a boxcar load of the stuff used as an additive for cattle feed. But only for the lower grade cattle that can’t be sold as “Organic”.