Otium Noise Cancelling Wireless BT Headphones

Otium Noise Cancelling Wireless BT Headphones

WOOT shipping is getting ridiculous. I ordered these headphones using Amazon Prime 7/23/19. It’s now 7/28/19. The item has been less than 30 miles away from me and they weren’t even given to USPS until today! I just got e-mail with tracking number. Why hold them for 5 full days? Unfortunately most of my WOOT orders lately have been held for days before shipping. I can’t understand how it would benefit them to hold items for so long before shipping. They don’t even have to take it anywhere. USPS picks it up from them! :rage:

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This one is fulfilled by amazon. They’ve been a little weird lately. I ordered a mixer from the liquidation event myself and saw the same thing. Weirder was it actually moved entire states before usps actually got it. I’m going to poke into it but I know sometimes what happens is the physical item is not where they expected it or it is damaged, so they find another one in the network. Amazon stock is weird - they don’t store them all in the same bin which is apparently more optimal for picking. I’ll poke at it tomorrow to see what happened.

6 days to get them with Prime. Been using them mostly wired at the PC but tried Bluetooth today for only the third time and the right channel is dead when paired with the phone it worked fine on yesterday. Tried pairing on the PC and right side still dead. Paired it to another phone and same problem! They work fine with cable connection though. What good is the Bluetooth feature if it doesn’t work? JUNK!!

This aside, which just means you’d get free standard shipping, it sounds like you got a bad set.

Did you contact Woot CS yet?