Otter Cove Off Dry Riesling (4)

Otter Cove Off Dry Riesling, Santa Lucia Highlands 4-Pack
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2010 Otter Cove Off-Dry Riesling, Santa Lucia Highlands
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We had a bottle of Otter Cove 2010 Riesling with dinner just last week.
My notes:
Lovely floral nose, violets and roses. Initial taste was full of green apples, none of the petrol some people like, and not a hint of heat. The label says Off-Dry Riesling; there was just the right amount of sweetness, and plenty of acid to offset it. A beautifully balanced wine, unlike many “off-dry” attempts. Perfect with our grilled swordfish and parsley-grape relish, but with all that acidity, I’m sure it would be a lovely sipping wine for a warm summer evening. At $15, I’d call it an autobuy, even though I don’t have room.

An hour after dinner, half a glass left, room temperature, still all that refreshing tartness. I like this wine.

Ddeuddeg recently received a mysterious call from a different FedEx location in our area telling him that he had a package to pick up. We found that a bottle of the 2010 Otter Cove Off-Dry Riesling, Santa Lucia Highlands had arrived. We never did quite figure out how that happened! :wink:

This wine is beautifully pale and in color. I found notes of green apple and apricot and maybe a hint of honey. It is a very pleasant crisp wine with just a hint of sweetness and none of the petrol notes that are often found in a Riesling. This is a very well-made and well-balanced wine. It is a perfect summer quaffing wine for the porch or patio but also works well with food. This wine may just have to find its way into our cellar. :slight_smile:

I wish it came with the stuffed otter as well, lol!


We tried a bottle of this over the last two days, also with some friends. Overall impression was that this was a nice and tasty Riesling that would be good for sipping any time. Everybody who tasted it last night agreed it was a nice and happy wine but not a “special” wine.

My notes: Nose a lot like a Mosel Riesling, even with a hint of petrol on it. Not tropical or a late harvest nose to it at all. Palate was generous with the acidity, and even left me wondering whether this really was “off-dry” or just dry. The nose also had notes of apple and stone while the palate was lively with green apple and limestone (hence the Mosel comparison). For $15 this is a solid buy, and is a fun and easy drinking refreshing wine. I wouldn’t hesitate to put a bottle away for a few years to see what happens, either. This sort of high acid nicely balanced wine could go interesting places.

And we’ve had a bunch of wine here tonight, so I’ll revisit these notes tomorrow to see if they ought to be more coherent :slight_smile:

VJB Chardonnay Port is an excellent thing.

Upon seeing this link, my husband immediately texted it to me:



Woot, I think the crowds are speaking. :wink:

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Thanks and back to the wineing.

Ditto if the otter is included :smile:

I too would like to know about the Otter Plush.

+1 Would totally buy if otter was included.

I’m not much of a wine drinker, but I’d buy this in a heartbeat if the otter was included. For shame woot! Luring in otter lovers with a cute plushie. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m with you guys - I’d buy it if the Otter came along with it (for those still wondering, see the 2nd image - says otter not included).

Should woot decide to up the offer to include the stuffed otter, let me be the first to offer an even split with any of the above 6 posters: you take the otter, I’ll take the wine, $30 each person. Hell, I’ll even pick up the $5 shipping.

I will be honest and say I thought the otter plush was the woot deal and assumed it was a wine bottle holder (I’m not a wine person lol) and I immediately wanted to buy it, I was sure disappointed when I saw it was just wine.

I actually ooh’ed out loud when I saw this! Let my voice (hopefully not ooh’ing) be joined with my fellow wooters in requesting, nay begging, for the plushie!

What a cute otter!

Wait, what do you mean it doesn’t come with it? Awwww…

I showed my husband and he said woot should remove the picture because it’s borderline false advertising. That, or they should include a stuffed otter with each purchase.

It’s always just the wine for sale. Unless your’e stillman brown… Then everybody gets an abolonie shell.