Otter Cove's Oh Pinot Noir - 2 Pack

Otter Cove’s Oh Pinot Noir - 2 Pack
$49.99 + $7.00 shipping
1 2006 Oh Pinot Noir, Balo Vineyards
1 2007 Oh Pinot Noir, Santa Lucia Highlands
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Oooh, a Pinot to start the week!

When I saw this, I said ooh. Then I remembered I’m broke, so I said awh.

These are still a little young. Better to add it to the cellar and let it age a little longer.

How much are each one of these typically? How much longer do they require to be aged?

Just got a nice bonus so i’m in!


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Pinot Noir Anderson Valley Balo Vineyard 2006 88 (rating) $59

The winery website, linked above, lists the 2006 Balo Vineyard for $59, and the 2006 Santa Lucia Highlands (note different vintage) for $45, before tax and shipping.

According the WE 2010 Vintage chart, 2006 Anderson Valley Pinot Noir rated 88, while 2007 Central Coast (home of Monterey) is rated an outstanding 94.

wine spies (Oh Santa Lucia Highlands)

(2006 vintage)

Courtesy of CJ:

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The 2007 Santa Lucia HIghlands retails for $25 according to

stupid pennsylvania and their archaic laws, I want some Pinor Noir.

Whats a good “wine of the month club?” I would like to give as a gift for someone (female)

The best is to purchase a wine woot each month and gift it to her. Of course! You will have a choice of 20+ wines every month to pick from!

: ) has a few to choose from.

Happy Labor Day!!!

Yeah, and the same goes to stupid Ky.

These are ready to drink now, however, they are “age worthy.”

Actually the Oh SLH retails for $39-45. I also have a second label Otter Cove Wines and that retails for $25-28.