Otter Destruction

Otterly fun! Nice print, DinoMike! :slight_smile:

Cute, dangerously cute ; )

Can anyone tell me, of all the shirt types (standard, premium, american apparel) which one has the widest neck?

That could easily be a Typhlosion (Pokemon) if the pun weren’t printed on it.

AA is out, so that leaves Anvil (standard) and Canvas (premium). Of the two, I’d say that Canvas tends to be looser but not as bad as the older shirts. My .sig links to the discussion thread where I have some pics posted.

The tank top.

I would love this shirt if it didn’t explicitly say “Otter Destruction”.

I much rather that people have to figure it out for themselves.

And what I mean, if this shirt gets reprinted with the text, how would I find out? Because I would love to buy it.