Otter Space

They make otter space look truly relaxing.

Pun! Outerspace otters! Awesome!

Everyone otter buy this.

A rather good book.

It has a sequel, too.

I’m buying this shirt immediately.

This may very well be the final piece I need to capture that hot marine biologist’s attention…

Now with FTL clam drive!

Don’t you mean “otterly relaxing”?

it’s otter craziness on woot today! otterspace here on shirt, and there’s an otterscope on kids! oh, it’s caller an otoscope? my bad…

ShirtWoot I love you but why do you have to make the images on your shirts so HUGE?

Less is more, man. If this image were 33% smaller I’d snap it up.


Oh, yes, otterly adorable.

If woot did female v-necks I would probably buy every single shirt!

Or, I Otterly Adore You:

Yes!!! Otters In Space: The Search for Cat Havana and Otters In Space 2: Jupiter, Deadly

First Day Sales: 729

I was hoping someone would point it out X3 Totally getting this shirt for the author, btw. She’s a really cool person :3