OtterBox Armor Phone Cases

My wife and I bought a case, a 4s for her and a 5 for me. Not a very good case. Very tough, but sound is tinny on both ends, bad response on the screen etc. Th 4s case is even worse.
Size is actually ok for the 5 nto being much bigger than the defender case I currently had. It also did’t work with any cord but the original apple cord, none of my apple certified longer cords would fit.
Size the 4s is gigantic compared to the defender. Response and sound were terrible too.
Screen response on both of these cases is delayed by the thickness of the screen protector. IN addition the case is very slippery, it’s good that it’s tough cause the thing will shoot out of your hand very easily.

On the other hand, the case is pretty tough.
I’ll keep the case for my hunting and fishing trips but otherwise will not be using it much.

I got one of these for my GS3, it is MASSIVE! Not kinda big, not bulky, JUST MASSIVE. Barely fits in my back pocket so I couldn’t say this case is for daily use, but it does offer pretty sound protection. So grab it for the beach, hiking, sports, whatever, just don’t expect your device to look like anything other than a MASSIVE brick.

I got one for my S3 during the last sale. I spent the next two days listening to all of my callers say, “huh?” and switching it to speakerphone. Touch response was fine, but pushing the buttons takes a lot more enthusiasm than normal.

As said above, it’s a great protector, and I’ll definitely use it on days where I expect a lot of dirt, and few phone calls.


I was really excited to get this case, especially for trips where chances of destruction to my iPhone were heightened like going to Busch Gardens Tampa. As soon as I got the case…regrets. Such a big bulky case. I hated it and got rid of it. I’ll stick with my Otterbox Commuter. I like being able to just stick my phone in my back pocket. I think the OtterBox Armor is bigger than my pocket!

Bought this case 2 weeks ago on its previous sale for the Iphone 5.

It sucks.
Its big, bulky, and heavy.
Does it do what it say it does? Yes.
Can you actually make calls with it on your phone? Nope. No one can hear you.

'Nuff said all of the above .

Use this on my recent Florida vacation , PPL on the beach thought I was talking thru a CB .Turn on speakerphone , the only way you can talk and hear with this cover on .

But it did protected my phone from water pretty decent though , I give it that one.

If you want go swimming or fall off a cliff with your phone the otter box armor is for you.

If you want to talk on your phone this is almost useless.

Oh, man, I’m so relieved reading the comments here. I got this for occasional use (day-to-day, I just rock a naked phone). Bummer that it doesn’t work that well for calls and stuff, but nice to get confirmation that it’ll do exactly what I need.

Do not buy. THEY ARE NOT WATERPROOF. and woot will not refund my order after the last time they were selling them. They want us to go though the manufacture warranty department. Not worth the hasel, shame on you woot.

like everyone else said, use it when you know you’ve got potential to break it- like when drinking, or when going to the beach and drinking.

check amazon first. some of these are cheaper there.

Woohooo! I break phones. With the Otterbox case, I break Otterbox cases instead. (I am very active and work outside 10 hours a day…and my S3 is almost always in use) This will be my third Otterbox case in only a year and a half. They fall apart. For the price they retail for, I wish the cases held up better… oh well. Cheaper than replacing my phone. Thanks for the cheap deal Woot!

Have you tried the LifeProof case? I’ve heard some great reviews on it (although never owned one personally).

You should contact OtterBox. Their cases have lifetime warranties, I’ve had two replaced after falls broke the case (but didn’t break the phone).

I would not recommend this case as your day to day case. Its HUGE, bulky and sound quality drops. With that said, I have one I use for when I’m out boating, at the beach, pool, hunting, etc. It works great as a protective case that still provides full functionality when its in the case though at a cost of degraded sound quality.

I can confirm that this is a true statement. I bought the IP4 case and I do believe that it is the largest case for the iPhone and the sound is very faint. I will be using this one on the lake, that’s about it, its not like it fits in a pocket or anything.

Doesn’t fit iPhone 5C :frowning: Sad sad.

I was surprised at the size, but guess this is the cost of protection. I rather expected diminished sound in a protective waterproof (sealed) case. I didn’t have any sound problems using my Voyager earpiece.

iPhones are designed (slick as owlpoop) to be dropped, but the size of this case is just impractical for daily use. I’m going back to the little silicon/rubber(?) case for everyday use. At least with it I can place it on a table without pretending its an oil covered egg and it won’t go sliding off onto the floor.

Overall it’s worth the reduced price for those times protection is really needed, well worth it if those times are frequent.