OtterBox Armor Waterproof Cases for Apple/Samsung

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OtterBox Armor Waterproof Cases for Apple/Samsung
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sigh I bought one of these for retail price ($110.00) at at&t when buying a replacement iPhone.

Sighing aside, I work with children with anger issues, and my phone while in case, has been thrown onto the ground, spat on, tossed against the white board and even chewed on, and not a single scratch or break. The water proofing seals work, I accidentally dropped mine in a deep puddle this last storm, and also into the surf to film my nieces swimming with water splashing on it, and no problem.

I’ve also tested my camera while throwing the phone around, works like a charm.

Get this case if you want a lifetime out of your phone.

I have gotten the OtterBox for 2 separate phones (Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4s). Both times they have worked great. While they do add some bulk to your phone, the protection they add is second to none. Otterbox also has great support, and a great warranty.

I’m guessing I wouldn’t be able to put my phone in my back pocket anymore with one of these one it… I sure don’t want to have to resort to a purse just to keep my phone safe.

At least on the Galaxy S3 case, seems to be a lot of customers having a very difficult time hearing and being heard while using their phones for their main purpose, a phone.
Otterbox website reviews for Galaxy S3

Luck is a factor. I knocked my iPhone off the kitchen counter without a case and it didn’t break. Very lucky. So I got an OtterBox, thinking that it was worth losing the iPhone form factor for the OtterBox protection.

And the first time my OtterBox was put to the test (about 6 months later) it happened to be the same drop. This time I was not so lucky and it pretty much shattered the screen.

While looking for an OtterBox guarantee online I saw rumors of it warping the iPhone, but I see no warp in mine.

And there does not seem to be any OtterBox guarantee.

Time to check out the product page for the 4/4s and the 5

Waterproof, that’s good! But the phones look a little weired in the cases. Am I the only one who think so?

I got the black version of this case when I bought my S3 and it’s very bulky but I hear fine with it and it fully protects the phone. Only mistake I made was yanking the screen protector off thinking it wouldn’t fit in place. It was very hard to remove and at first I thought it was just there to keep the case in shape, stupid me.
Very nice case anyways as long as you don’t mind the size increase.

  1. Do these cases interfere with reading NFC tags? They look bulky enough to block it like the last case I bought.

  2. It’s moot right now anyway, since my phone is a GS4. Sigh. Now that the GS5 has been announced, how long before we start seeing more representation for the S4 here?

Note that the tech specs on the Otterbox site point out that this is not compatible with either the 5S or 5C, which are the only 5 models currently in production.

There are people out there, like my old self, that have an unprotected iPhone5

No interference for my phone at all. The area around the camera has a “valley” around it so there is no thick wall (bulk) around the camera or the flash.

This will fit the 5S, but the fingerprint ID will not work.

I have an OtterBox and it has held up okay. Protective screen scratches and gets marks easily. They used to come with a lifetime guarantee but I guess that is not true any more. I bought mine when they did have the warantee and they would not replace it. I will look for an alternative. No thanks OB. Not for this price.

I have a Otterbox Defender for my iPhone 4S. It’s white, so it shows signs of aging, but at 2.5 years old, the only real complaint I have is that the edges of the protective screen (where it is glued to the case) got so much grit and grime under there that I couldn’t stand it and had to take it off to clean it out (can’t be replaced/reattached).

That’s really only an issue for the folks out there with OCD. Like, actual OCD, not “oh I’m so OCD about that” OCD. Nope, not going to get started on that. I’m not.

Anyway, the twerp cat knocks my phone off the shelf onto the air purifier every morning and the phone still looks brand new under its case.

Funny you should say that. The phone function of the device is less than 50% of what I use mine for, and I suspect that’s true for a lot of people. Having said that, there is a slight loss of volume with both this case and the lifeproof. I suspect that’s going to happen with any water resistant case that actually allows the phone to be submerged,

Does it fit the Samsung Galaxy SIII mini? or GT-I8190N ?

Is there a belt clip that works with this case?