OtterBox Cases

On the market for a waterproof case. What is the difference between

"OtterBox 77-25796 Armor Series Waterproof Case for iPhone 5 - Neon" & "OtterBox 77-27521 Armor Series Waterproof Case for iPhone 5 - Neon?"

They both look the same to me, other than different model numbers.

[UPDATE] Called OtterBox who has the 77-25796 item number in their database, no record of 77-27521. They suggested picking up the item he has record of if you are looking at the iPhone 5 Armor Series in Neon.

I’m told the only difference between the two is the packaging.

I got 2 of these the last time they were offered. 2 thoughts. One, you can’t hear much and nobody can hear you very well through the membranes that make this waterproof. Two, unless you go through the correct sealing process every time you plug, unplug your phone, this case is not watertight.

My phone also slid around a lot and made it difficult for me to press the buttons on the case. So I guess that means 3 issues. Dealbreaker either way, I won’t be getting another Otterbox.

The Commuter is my go-to case for all my phones now, first on my HTC One M7 and now my M8. Gorilla glass protects the screen perfectly, and the Commuter protects the rest.

This was in my bag of Crap I received this weekend… Crap is what I said too. No longer my daily phone…

Got one last time around - same price. I scuba dive and while it did not go down 87’, it did get sloshed around in salty water on the boat quite a bit. Like stated, the only safer place would have been inside a live otter. Did what it said it could do for GS3 and deal for $25. w00t!

OtterBoxes are… Now available in "bulletproof"

Seriously… check out 22plinkster shooting his Samsung Galaxy 4 with Otterbox on Youtube:


While we also have Otterbox Defender phone cases, if we’re boating, camping, etc… where our real attention (as it should be) is on those activities and relaxation rather than on tethering to the other world, we fully secure our phones & cameras in Otterbox dry boxes like these: (typically less expensive and more effective)

does the second gen otter box case for the kindle hd 7 include the kindle hdx 7???

No love for the Droid Razr M once again.

rugged for sure…but it renders your devise completely UNUSABLE as a phone. you can not hear anyone and no one can hear you.

i suggest an OBEX case. water resistant and you can use your phone…as a phone.

Still no Note/II love :frowning: