Otterbox Cellphone Cases

No iPhone

Very Sad

Much wet

Even though the picture clearly has a wet iphone!!!

misleading advertising… how low…
tsk tsk tsk

Changed. Just for y’all.

I am curious how the otterbox works for the Photon as that phone has a sliding keyboard and the otterbox in my experience has been a single case.

I have the Defender case. The only problem with it is that it is too slick. It’s hard smooth plastic that doesn’t really give you any surface for a firm grasp. It’s CONSTANTLY slipping out of my hands.

Will the HTC VX case fit an HTC 6500L?

Protect that phone that you no longer use! But on the cheap :wink:

Motorola Droid Razr M is sad that you left him out. :frowning:

No Samsung S4 cases. Epic fail.

Does the " OtterBox 77-24408 Commuter Series Case for HTC One VX - Black" Fit an actual HTC one (I’m assuming M7)?
The image isn’t of an HTC one. It’s some other Android.
If I can get a photo of it on an HTC one I’d be down to get it.

Which HTC One version does it fit, M7 2013 or M8 2014??

Androids exist!

I don’t really want an Otterbox case for my Razr HD Maxx but I might just buy one because this isn’t an iPhone accessory sale for once.

(I have bought Defender cases for my wife’s and daughter’s iPhones here on Woot, so I don’t mind those sales either).

Neither. It’s not for the HTC One, it’s for the HTC One VX ( Totally different phone.

As thrilled as I am that iPhone is left in the dark for once, I am surprised that Samsung was as well.

Really? It’s “Epic”?

The S4 is still (for a little while) a current phone. Obviously Woot is only going to be closing out Otterboxes for older models. That being said, and as noted above, Samsung is not in the sale at all. I’m sure that’s not by design, Woot likes to sell as much as they can, it’s called “revenue” (Epic Revenue?) but one has to assume that the Samsung variants were not made available to them.


I’m sad about this too. :frowning:

Never any Note II/III love :(.