Otterbox Cellphone Cases

Anyone know if this will fit an IPhone 5c?

Answered my own question after looking at the specs closer. No it doesn’t.

reviews from these weren’t the best from previous sales. complaints of hearing other callers were numerous.

I bought a “Waterproof” case and it was not waterproof. Tested fine empty in a sink of water. Water got into the case after about 5-10 minutes in about 3 feet of water way under their listed time/depth. Damaged my phone and they only cover defective cases not equipment they damage.

Otterly unacceptable!!!

If you use one of these cases, can you use your cell phone to break open oysters on your stomach while swimming on your back?

It otter be possible. Otterwise, I’ll want anotter kind of case.

I’m super clumsy, and have had the commuter case on my iPhone 4 for maybe a year now. My phone has been well protected from the numerous drops, and occasional light splashes. I’ll likely buy another of the same for the next cell phone.

How did it get submerged? Were there other factors like something crushing it when it was under water? Did you have headphones plugged in or any other ports exposed?

I took my phone in the ocean snorkeling. It was in my hands and nothing was open or exposed. I had a Lifeproof case for my 4S and had no problem with leakage in the same conditions. I thought I would try this cheaper “waterproof” case for my 5S on the same Maui beach I used for my 4S. While I was taking video, I saw water inside the case and my phone turned off.

Really? Galaxy SIII and nothing for S4 or S5?

I have an iPhone 4s and my Otterbox Defender wore out so my wife bought me an Otterbox Armor.
It’s a drag. First, it takes a lot of effort to make their tabs push the power and home buttons. There’s no way that you can use on/off button on the left. Then there’s the covers for the earphone plug and the bottom recharging plugin. They don’t stay closed, so I have grave doubts that it really is waterproof. It is sturdy though. I’ve dropped it on a tile floor from four feet with no problems. The biggest problem is it’s size. If you plan to put it in your pocket be warned. I’m waiting for the iPhone 6 and believe me there won’t be an O’Box Armor on it. I’d have to carry a purse since it’ll be bigger. Go for the Defender. Great cover.

In before someone asks if this will work on an iPhone 5s.

It won’t. Not if you still want to use the Touch ID sensor anyway.